Bench Will be the Difference

Posted by GreenBanner18 on September 29, 2009 at 12:54 AM

When you think of bench players, you think of the guys who aren't as good. They are the players who will come in late in the first, into the second, then some in the late 3rd and fourth. (For the most part) When they come in the game you simply hope the team can hold on. This years Celtics backups, however, are not your stereotypical "2nd best" players. We have some guys who could be starters on other teams in the league. Big Baby and Rasheed are both proven starters on contending teams in the NBA. They will be in the game when other teams have no choice but to play their 2nd best players. Nevermind Sheed and Davis, we have Eddie House and Marqius Daniels as well. Eddie House is a proven knock down shooter who can come in the game and put up points in a hurry. Then add Marquis Daniels, a point-forward who put 13.6 ppg up for Indiana last year, and we have a recipe for success.


What can this do for us? It can log alot of minutes against subpar opponents. The Mikki Moore's, or Big Baby/Powe combinations just couldn't get it done for us last year. We had little offensive threat on the floor. This would lead to teams coming back on us, forcing us to return our starters to the floor, maybe before Doc wanted to. This year, I can see our bench gaining on leads instead of losing them. That leads to prolonged stamina throughout the year for Pierce, KG, and Ray. This rest should create a stronger team that can beat up on all of the tired teams as the season progresses. It all sounds great in an ideal world. We'll have to wait and see if all plays out as planned.

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