Lethal Shooter... Yes. True Point Guard... ?

Posted by B-PAUL on October 1, 2009 at 12:56 AM

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Im going to start off this post by saying one thing... I LOVE EDDIE!!!!! He is one of my favorite Celtics players of today. I love seeing him spot up in the corner and knock down a crucial three pointer. I love seeing him pumping his fist when the other team calls a timeout and the Garden is going wild. But one thing Im not in love with yet is his ability to be this teams backup point guard.

Eddie House is a shooter, nobody can deny that. He proved that this year when he set the Celtics single season record for 3PT FG%. Being a lethal shooter is a great quality to have, but it does not make you a great point guard. Im still unsure whether or not Eddie House can run the point for us night in and night out. Eddie is not a very versatile player, his ball handling is average, he is not a great penetrator, and his defensive skills are nothing to brag about. All of these are qualities a true point guard should have.

When asked about whether or not he can handle the backup point guard spot Eddie responded by saying, "If you watch, there have been plenty of games where I've been the point. I can initiate the offense and bring the ball up. And if I can't do it then Paul can do it and if Paul can't do it Marquis can do it"

I'm glad to hear that Eddie is positive about his role, but what if we find out he can not handle playing the point? Are we going to try to put another guy at the point, in Marquis Daniels,who isn't a "true point guard"? Or will we end up having to bring in another point guard half way through the season? Im hoping we don't have to worry about either one of these situations, and that Eddie will hold his own at the position. Afterall, he did take the back up point guard position away from Sam Cassell during the playoffs in 2008 when we won the chamionship.


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