Ray Allen Shows Off - Perk Confident

Posted by GreenBanner18 on October 10, 2009 at 1:03 AM

Did you doubt Ray that he worked his butt off all summer to get in the best shape of his life? Anyone who doubted the 34-year-old were soon silenced when he went up for a monster slam on Friday night vs. the Knicks. Granted, he did not finish, but he was up there and he went up very strong. On a break away with defenders back, Ray Allen ran down the floor for what appeared to be a normal Ray Allen lay up. He had other thoughts in mind. I was thrown back. I couldn't believe the strength he took off with. Ray went up much more fearless than I have seen him for a long time. Are you kidding me? Ray Allen is stronger and more confident than he was in either of the previous 2 seasons? Scary. This year will be his statement to get that contract to stay with the C's.

As for Perkins, everything we predicted in the offseason is beginning to show. Perkins game grew with KG out. He is much more confident with the ball and is not at all afraid to make a post move and go up with it. I think he held back alot with KG in the lineup for the past couple of years. Then KG was out and we needed a new source of offense. Now, Garnett is back, and Perkins is secure with himself in his abilities. He can work anywhere within his range and he is proving it moreover this preseason. Fans around the Celtics should trust that he is just as much of a scoring threat as anyone else on the floor. He may look awkward doing it, but he sure gets the job done.

PS There is nothing I hate more than hearing about the Spurs "Big 3". Who is their big three anyways, Bonner, Ginobili and Richard Jefferson? I digress.


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Reply Matthew
4:20 AM on October 11, 2009 
Well the spurs do have the big snore, rj, the French longoria, and pinnocio. That's four solid guys. Nthing to sneeze at realy. But fortunately my celtics have the big 5 plus the allmost big 3-4
Atleast 8 guys on our team could start with any other team.