Who Do Celtics Need Healthy the Most?

Posted by GreenBanner18 on October 25, 2009 at 1:35 PM

These are my rankings of players and how badly the Celtics need them to remain healthy to give us the greatest chance of winning this season. 

(1-15, 1 is greatest demand, 15 lowest)

1- Garnett

2- Perkins

3- Rondo

4- Pierce

5- Ray

6- Daniels

7- Sheed

8- House

9- Big Baby

10- Scal

11- Hudson

12- Williams

13- Walker

14- TA

15- Giddens

Picks (1-5) - Garnett is the emotional leader of the team. You could tell last year that something wasn't right. The team was a little out of sorts, and I think a huge portion of that was because KG wasn't on the floor. He brings the fire to the court so that everyone on the team wants to play their heart out. Without that, we are more like every other team in the league. KG seperates us.

I put Perkins at two with good reason. We are talking about winning championships. How are we going to get past Orlando, and Cleveland without Perk? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think we get to 7 games with Orlando last year if it weren't for Perk. He manhandled Howard, limiting the Magic offense. If Howard played like he did in his next two series, that matchup could have ended a lot earlier. Perkins is THE BEST defensive center. He can limit Shaq in Cleveland, and Howard for the Magic.

Rondo comes in at number 3 with his versatility. He does it all. I think because he is the floor general and distributes the ball to the big 3 where they need it makes him a huge part of our team. I don't, however, think we NEED him to win in the end. Pierce follows him up with his ability to score and take over the game at any given moment.

Picks (6-10) - I put Daniels in front of Sheed because I think he is very vital to Pierce getting rest, and filling in for Rondo so everyone can be in their normal positions. Sheed is then a great guy to be the first off the bench to fill in for either Perk or KG. I got Eddie House in front of Big Baby for his ability to score big points for the bench. I think scoring is what the bench needs the most and they can get that out of Eddie. Big baby with his new identity will perform great things off the bench. It is an awesome thing to have Glen Davis being inactive as being the 9th worst thing for the team. It speaks great volumes to the depth.

Picks (11-15) - These are all relative to who will probably get the most playing time deep in the bench. I think Hudson and Williams can contribute at times. Hudson should get some playing time at the point during the season. We are yet to see what Walker can bring to the team due to his injury, so I put him in there at the 13th place. But, I still think even without seeing him play, he can provide much more than either TA or Giddens. Walker may be moved up throughout the season as he shows what he can do.

React to these picks. Post a comment on what you think. Agree or Disagree with me. It is a very opinionated topic as we have so many great players. (Reminder: You don't have to be a member to post a comment)

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Reply B-PAUL
5:46 PM on October 25, 2009 
1- Rondo I think this because I don't think any other guard on our team could come in and play point like Rondo does. You might say Quis could come in and run the point but I think we would be lacking our floor general. I also don't think Quis could defend guards like CP3, Rose, and other quick guards.
2- Pierce Without Pierce we would lack our primary offensive threat. Pierce is the only guy on this team that can truly take over a game by himself. Without the Captain we would strugle to put up points.
3- KG I am not going to put KG number one or two mainly because of the addition of Sheed. Sheed is definetly not KG, but he has the talent to come in and put up very good numbers.
4- Ray All the game winners speak for itself.
5- Sheed I agree with you that Perk is a great defensive center. But if you look at Sheed's numbers definsevly against Howard they are quite similar. Sheed is a better offensive player also.
6- Perk We have had the guy since drafting him out of high school. The loss of him would hurt the team's chemistry.
7- Marquis The minutes he will be able to take from Pierce will be huge down the stretch.
8- House Eddie's ability to come in and nail huge three pointers is essential to the teams success.
9- Big Baby Big Baby could proably be a starter on many other teams, adding that jumper to his game makes him more of a threat offensively.
10- Hudson Eventually this year I have a feeling Hudson is going to work himself into a bigger role on the team.
11- Scal Scal is Scal. He will come in, shoot a few three's and hope they go in., his defensive ability is also above average. He could also step up if there are any injuries.
12. Shelden- Shelden is also here incase of any injuries to our bigs. He may see limited playing time in blowouts.
13. Walker - If he can play he can be very exciting. I don't think he's crucial to our success though.
14. Giddens- I really wish they would send Giddens to the D-League to get him playing time. If that don't happen he will just be another person on the bench.

15 Tony Allen If you read my post you already know me feelings towards TA. He's worthless.
Reply GreenBanner18
6:05 PM on October 25, 2009 
I think Sheed showed the other night while matched up against the slow footed Shaq, how dominant Perk is. Perk shuts down Orlandos offensive threat, the player who usually (when playing every other team) the offense runs through him. They like to go Inside / Outside with Howard. When the inside game isnt there because Perk is locking it down, it diminishes their choices. I don't see Sheed coming in and doing what Perk does vs Shaq or Howard. And we need to go through one or the other (or even both if we don't come in 1st place) to get to the Finals.
Reply Nubz
8:56 PM on October 25, 2009 
Responding to the original post. I believe The Truth should be ahead of Rondo because I would trust Pierce to hit a game winning shot before Rondo. I'm definitely not saying either one of them is better but The Truth doesn't have his nick name for no reason.
Reply B-PAUL
12:12 PM on October 26, 2009 
Im basing my list on who each persons back up would be if they went down. In my mind Sheed would not be as big of a negative as say, Marquis running the point for quality minutes and Lester backing him up. I don't think the trade off of Perk for Sheed would effect the team significantly. In the case of Howard I'm pretty sure Sheed has controlled Howard the last two years in Detroit. That is a big reason why the Pistons have had so much luck against them. Again I'm not basing this on who's the best player on the team, I'm basing it on if they went down, who would be replacing them and how would it affect the team.