Sun's to Hot for Celtics

Posted by GreenBanner18 on November 6, 2009 at 11:11 PM

Suns 110 Celtics 103

Being the rookie blogger that I am, I have not had to write a post yet on the Celtics losing (a game that matters). It is easy to sit here and write paragraph on paragraph about how nasty a certain player played tonight, or how great the defense was. It is quite another to try to explain just what went wrong.


We knew we were not going to go 82-0. It is impossible, and nights like tonight explain just how impossible it is. In my preview for tonights game, I said the Suns have shot great from deep this season, and teams that shoot great from behind the arc can beat any team, on any night. This night was no exception. The game I remember that resembled tonights game the most, was a game in the 07-08 season when the Raptors played us at home, and shot something like 59% from 3 point territory. It was extremely frustrating both then, and tonight, to watch our opponents nail every shot they took, regardless to if there was a hand in their face. The Suns finished with 54% from three and 50% FG.


The Celtics D wasn't top notch, but it didn't matter if it was, nothing was stopping the Suns tonight. Everything they touched turned to gold. Our bench didn't help out like it has every other night. We needed the starters in there to remain close. The bench finished on 0-8 shooting from 3 and only 19 points. 19 points doesnt sound too too bad, but it sure hurts the team when in the previous 6 they averaged a little over 34 per game. To begin the 4th, we had cut into the lead. The bench came on and did not hold their own. Instead, they led the Suns on an 11-2 run to start the fourth that completely turned down everything we did late in the 3rd. This proved to be just too much for the Celtics to come back from.


The game was completely out of control. It was a type of game we don't see from the C's too often. It is a very good thing we have a game against the Nets tomorrow, so we can hopefully get this loss behind us in a hurry. It will be extremely hard if the Celtics don't bring it tomorrow night and lose to an 0-6 Nets team, going into a 3 day break.

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