Rondo Has Too Many Homeruns

Posted by GreenBanner18 on November 8, 2009 at 6:24 PM

Let me start out by saying I love Rondo's defensive tenacity. Sometimes it seems like he is in 3 places at the same time. He is great at getting in the passing lane and forcing the opponents into turning the ball over. A prime example of this was just last night where he came up with 5 steals. Most of last nights steals were due to his ability to see where the pass is going to go, maybe even before the person with the ball knew where it was going.


I think he may go for the homerun steal too much, though. I am not talking so much about him getting in the passing lane as I am him drifting far off who he is supposed to be guarding. What I want to key on the most are the times in which he lets the opposing point guard go by him while he attempts to swat the ball away. When he misses, and lets the point guard go by, it sets up a tough situation for the big men down low. They either have to make a great play, let them have the basket, or foul. Since what Rondo does is not an exact science, and can not happen every defensive trip, it can lead to easy baskets for the other team, or unnecessary fouls on our big guys.


Sometimes it appears as though this is a part of the defensive scheme our mastermind coaches have drawn up. It can work awesome when it is used sparingly. It looks, at times, like our players half heartedly allow their man to attack the basket, where Perk and KG are waiting to come over the top and block them. I think as of lately, Rondo has taken that to a whole new level.


Now obviously Rondo is not exempt from the fact that the Celtics had 8 games in 12 days. He may be young, but this is the NBA, and that is a lot of playing in a short period of time. This also may be the fact that it was more noticeable because KG and Perk were a little worn down, and could not defend the oncoming point guards as well as they usually could.


It may have been noticeable, but I dont think the amount of times Rondo allowed his man to go past him in the past couple of games is normal, or the way the defense should attempt to show itself. I would rather see Rondo play his guy up front and change his angle to the basket, mixing in the attempt at the steal less often. If I remember right, this was something that was talked about in the offseason.


Again, I give Rondo the benefit of the doubt. It very well may be a case of him simply being tired,, thus playing lazy defense. Either way, this type of thing is something we get happy about, and praise players when it works, but get mad when it doesn't, and leads to easy baskets.

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