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Posted by Nubz on November 10, 2009 at 9:07 AM

Once again Gino's Jungle has processed a new idea. This idea consists of reading other blogs and choosing the top five stories that I think are worthwhile to read. This will be mostly done every morning and there will be only one person (NUBZ) going through blogs and reading so I will try not to favor one blog over the other. For each link I will be putting the posistion and picking a player from the Boston Celtics. We will see how that goes.  We at Gino's Jungle think this is a great new idea so let me know what you think!


Point Guard - North Station Sports -   Gino's Jungle: Welcome to the Jungle

"Gino’s Jungle has a unique way of incorporating stats into their posts while not imposing math equations on their readers. An overview of Ray Allen’s recent struggles proves my point that stats are sometimes necessary but should never be dominant."

Stated above is a little taste of what North Station Sports posted about Gino's Jungle. As of right now NSS and G.J. are teaming up on game nights for live chatting about the game. Young or wise, come over and join our chats on game night!


Shooting Guard - Celtics Town - Marquis Daniels: The Difference between Daniels and Iverson

"When Allen Iverson took a personal leave from the Memphis Grizzlies, the Grizz wondered if the angered Iverson would ever return.

When Marquis Daniels left the Boston Celtics for personal matters, they just hoped he’d come back soon."

 Before I read this I never even though of comparing Iverson to Daniels... Take a look at this!!


Small Forward - Celtics Hub - Do the C's have a foul line problem?

"I’ll have more on this today, but the C’s right now rank 19th in free throw attempts (despite playing a league-high eight games) and 19th in free throw percentage (73.6)."

 This post stuck out like a sore thumb to me because I think Free Throws are a very important accessory to the game. This post gives some information about the C's free throw ability for the year and a little about Rondo.


Power Forward - Celtics Hub - Today’s Exercise in Insanely Speculative Journalism

"I think that might be the record for projecting championships based on a free agency scenario that hasn’t happened (LeBron coming to Miami) and is unlikely to happen. They could pass MJ! They could approach the 11 titles Russell won!"

 This made me laugh out loud, I think it is pretty humorous. To picture James and Wade playing together is like picturing Vick organizing dog fights again. Not pretty at all.


Center - Celtics Blog - Quick Peek Ahead

"The road weary start of the regular season is over and the team "escaped" with a nice 7-1 record. Now they've had a few days to ice down knees and eat some home cooking. Seems like a good time to take a peek ahead at the next few games."

Definitely like this post just because it's nice to know the games ahead of time, what day they are on, and maybe a little peek into the future.

So definitely hand out the criticism and let me know what you think. I'm all ears for new ideas for setting up etc. Once again this is NUBZ and I will be back in the morning!!!! Go C's!!

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Reply B-PAUL
10:30 AM on November 10, 2009 
Great job Nubz!!! Great start to a new idea. You picked some great artices and I like your commentary about each one. It gives a little insight to what the article's are about.
Reply North Station Sports
6:47 AM on November 11, 2009 
Thanks for the mention!