KG Creates A Whole Nother Atmosphere At The Garden

Posted by B-PAUL on November 12, 2009 at 2:53 PM

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Before last nights game against the Jazz I had not seen KG play live since the 2007-2008 series against the Hawks. Apparently I forgot what he brings to the garden atmosphere. When he came over to our side of the court to pump up the crowd before the game, I seriously got the chills. I live for the intensity at the garden- there is nothing better than going to a Celtics game. On the drive home I called my fellow blogger Travis and at 11:30pm my adrenaline was still flowing from the game. During last year's games without KG I can't say that I was at the level I was last night.


I'm not saying the games I went to last year were a slouch, because the crowd is still loud and wild. What I am saying is KG adds a lot to the intensity at the games, whether it be pounding his head off the hoops padding, pumping up the crowd, yelling in someone's face, or even slapping his towel on the floor while on the bench. When I as a fan see that, it tells me I need to have my game face on. Paul, Ray, and KG have all said before that they feed off the intensity off the crowd. By cheering loud, when I leave the building after a Celtics win I feel like I had a part in the victory.


It is not just the mindset and intensity of KG that creates a better atmosphere in the Garden. It is also the plays that he makes, on both the offensive and defensive end of the court. One play that cleary stuck out last night was the alley-oop over two defenders that is highlighted in the video. These kinds of plays get the crowd going nuts, and in most cases force the opposing team to take a timeout.


So my advice to you, if you haven't gone to a Celtics game during the KG era, or even if it has been a long time, make sure to get tickets soon. With him in the starting lineup the value of your ticket goes up. Also if you go to a game make sure you scream so loud that your lungs bleed, you won't regret it. I'll end this post by saying, LETS GO CELTICS!!!!!

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