Craftiness Works for Rondo and Celtics

Posted by GreenBanner18 on November 12, 2009 at 7:30 PM

I know there has been a lot of chatter about Rondo's play on this blog lately. The fact is, he is in the lead position on the floor, so he is looked at greatly. How he played last last night was a thing of beauty. There was, however, something very specific that he did that I have always liked. Last night, he was bringing the ball down low and dribbling around and creating options.


Who really can keep up with Rondo? He is quick and decisive and has a quick layup shot that he sneaks up around any defender. Therefore, when he is down low dribbling around, every defender on the floor has their attention on him. They have no idea what he is going to do. Is he going to try and pass it out? Or, is he going to sneak around and go for the layup? How about if he looks like he is going for the layup, only to come around the other side of the hoop looking for other options? That part of his game is very crafty and opens up many things for the offense. It gets the defense up tight and questioning their assignment. The opponents must respect the fact that he can make a layup. This may draw a defender off another Celtic player, in which Rondo has the extraordinary vision to get them the ball.


As a fan, it may make you nervous seeing him down there doing that. I was when he started doing it more and more through his maturing ages as a basketball player as well. How can you not? He is down in between more players than you are used to seeing a point guard run the offense from (at the top of the key). Let it settle in, and appreciate the greatness that Rondo provides through this type of play. He is now making the layups that he never did. This makes me more comfortable with the types of moves like the one he put on Williams last night. If you remember he continued under the basket, only to fool Deron Williams by quickly turning around and burning him for a layup. This type of play is definitely different, yet it is much better than seeing Rondo stand around the 3 point line trying to set things up every trip up the floor.

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