Time to Focus on Championship NOT 72-10

Posted by GreenBanner18 on November 14, 2009 at 1:36 AM

I will admit that I too get angry at the 2nd loss of the season. Not so much for the fact that we lost to the Hawks or any other factor. A big reason is that it means we only have 8 more losses before we can no longer consider our team the best team ever. Hmm. I think my thinking, as well as maybe some viewers of the site, may be a little shifted from what we should be thinking of.


Our losses should be defined by the competition around us. If the 2nd best team in the league behind us only has 58 wins, what are we worried about having 72? We should focus more on the fact that we are right there with every team in the league right now. No team has fewer losses than we do. Of course, we would rather be ahead of the pack and looking back on them instead. Yet, we must realize that the season is just getting underway, and we are not falling behind.


The reality is we must focus really on 3 teams: Cleveland, Orlando, and LA. Other teams out there right now have 2 losses but if we are real with ourselves for a minute we know that the Phoenix Suns are not the real deal and will not be in the Finals. The same goes for the 7-2 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks will be around the middle of the pack come the end of the season. Cleveland and Orlando both have 3 losses, and LA has 2.


For the time being, we are right where we need to be. Looking at the record of 72-10 drags our vision of what our team is doing away from what it should be. It also leads us to believe we are not being successful. Eddie House said it best in the Celtics preview on CSNNE "It's Championship or Bust". Championship is not equal to 72-10 (little algebra for you). Our goal is championship, and to get there, we only need to be better than the teams we have NOW. Homecourt is not a must, yet sure makes playing a 7 game series a lot more secure if you are the home team. Homecourt or field advantage is biggest in the NBA than in the NFL or MLB, no question. We don't need to be better than the 95-96 Bulls. So long as we keep pace, there is no need to worry. At this very moment we are on pace to go 66-16. Does that record sound familiar?

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