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Posted by Nubz on November 16, 2009 at 11:15 PM

If any of my daily readers have noticed my title has been changing from this to that, well no more worries anymore. I have come to a conclusion that the title will always be from here on out Gino's Starting five. Sorry for anyone who was very confused in this mishaps. Hope you enjoy todays post.

Point Guard - Loy's Place - Random Thoughts On LeBrainiacs Bright Idea

"If we're going by championships you would have to go with any number of the early Celtics starting with Bill Russell (11) and Tommy Heinsohn (10). "

Today Loy's Place is getting Point Guard and Shooting Guard. For this post I enjoyed the put down of Lebron. Then Jordan was also kind of stabbed in the heart as well. Honestly, I think he was an alright player all around but I agree that there were and are better players out there who are GREAT all around. Little bit of history in this too... READ IT!

Shooting Guard - Loy's Place - Random Thought's on What's Wrong with the Celtics.

"I have said several times that I don't blame fatigue and age for the recent losses as much as I do lack of effort and mental toughness from the players."

Yes! Someone agrees with me that it's no excuse to call it fatigue.  The one thing it is though is hunger. The C's are in hibernation mode. Guess what? There's not enough food in the cave for hibernation yet!! Nor do we want to ever be in hibernation mode. Maybe against a team like Golden State but not the Hawks.

Small Forward - North Station Sports - NSS Week Three Recap

"Three games in seven nights– Lots of rest and practice time. Two of their three games were at home– nothing like home cookin’."

The headline for one of the paragraphs said, " Are the celtics fatigued after 11 games?" WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Like I said in last weeks post, Kurt Warner is still out there!!! In all honesty, the celtics are not fatigued yet. Keyword being yet. Anyways, I saw NSS's Weekly Recap and instantly had to read it. I assumed it was good and it was. It has a bunch of great content.

Power Forward - Boston Herald- Green Place Limits on Paul Pierce

"But that sort of thing only works once. Though Pierce, despite the injury, talked his way onto the floor during Saturday night’s loss in Indiana, the art of persuasion didn’t go far yesterday."

This just goes to show that PP is a competitor and is always looking to get out ont he floor. He would never use his injury as an excuse to why he has played poorly.

Center - Celtics Blog - Big Baby Still Shrinking, Working

"Paul Flannery has some good notes from the open practice today."

It's good to hear Big Baby is not gaining any weight. That means he's healthy emotionally and physically. This is a short post but it gets the job done if you know what I mean.

Have a good night/morning folks!

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