Celtics Wake Up In Second Half To Defeat Warriors

Posted by B-PAUL on November 19, 2009 at 12:00 AM


Well Celtics fans this is how I like to look at it tonight's game, a win is a win. The Celtics standings in the east does not depend upon any other stats besides wins and losses. Tonight, although struggling at times, the Celtics were able to come out with a W with a 109-95 victory over the Warriors.


If you were at the game tonight, or if you watched, you should have easily noticed that this is not the basketball we want our Celtics playing down the stretch. The first half they again came out and looked a step behind on defense, struggled to find a offensive flow, and seemed to lack motivation. I was lucky enough to attend the game tonight at lets just say I had a headache through the first three quarters.


The things I saw were just making me want to sit back, shake my head, and pop a couple advil. The thing that really bugged me in the early half of the game was the lack of defense. Okay, I know Golden State is "young", I know they play a fast pace of basketball, but when are we going to realize we need to keep up with them. We can't keep falling back on this excuse that we are a older team. If we want to be a championship contender we need to beat everyone. Not just the Lakers, Cavs, and Magic, we have learned the past two years that the first round is just as important as the Finals.


Okay now that I have gotten that off my mind I want to talk about what I saw from Paul Pierce tonight. Nineteen points, good night right? Wrong. I was extremely dissapointed with his lack of side to side movement on defense. There was one specific play tonight that really got my head moving left to right. It was when he was guarding Warriors forward Corey Maggette, Maggette started to drive baseline on Pierce from the right side of the fouline, instead of getting in front of him and playing fundemental defense, Pierce simply raised his hand and let Maggette go in for an uncontested two points. This one play made me wonder what is going on with this guy.


Is his knee still bothering him, and he's just too proud to sit out a few games? I'd rather see him miss a few games against opponents such as Indiana and Golden State then irratate his knee even more. If his knee is really bothering him I hope he does whats better for the team in the long run and sit out a few games. 


Now back to the team, after a half of horrible basketball, and letting a eight-man Golden State team stay within one point, the Celtics FINALLY, during the second half,  started to play the way we know they can. I am going to give most of this credit to our $55 million dollar man, Rajon Rondo.


Rondo led the team both offensively and defensively down the stretch, something I wish we would do every game. On the offensive end Rondo was everywhere, multiple times during the second half I saw them run a give and go, with Rondo and KG, or Rondo and Perk. Rondo used his speed almost every time to burn the defender and recieve a pass for an easy lay-up. On the defensive end Rondo also began to harass his opponent in the second half. He was up on Ellis, Curry, or whoever they had handeling the ball not letting them have an inch of space to work with. As far as stats go, Rondo ended the night with another double-double, 18 points and 12 helpers.


So we got the W tonight, we have one day of practice between now and Friday night's primetime matchup with the Orlando Magic. Let me just say the Celtics need to use that day of practice to the fullest. They need to become much more sharper if they want to compete with the Magic come Friday. They need to bring a full four quarter effort and pick up a huge win at home against one of the other Eastern Conference favorites.


Side Note: Glen Davis was doing sprints on the parquet floor before the game tonight, he looked like he was in good shape, hopefully he will be back sooner, rather than later.

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