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Posted by Nubz on November 19, 2009 at 11:29 PM

When you look up and a team scores 100 points (Phoenix) or a team shoots over 50 percent (Phoenix, Minnesota) on the Boston Celtics, you know, that’s not the type of team we are ... We’re a defensive team.

-Paul Pierce


       Source = Boston Hearld


  Point Guard - Hardwood Houdini - Kendrick Perkins "The Beast" battles Superman Tomorrow Night

"Tomorrow night the Boston Celtics will match up against the Orlando Magic in one of the biggest games of this young season."

Who's excited to watch Superman lose his "magic" tomorrow night, and possibly crash and burn. This game won't be a blowout either way but I think it's going to be one of those games where your excited one moment then before you know it your sitting on the edge of your seat telling your siblings or kids to shush. We will see but I'm going to call it here and say Celtics win magically 90-89.


Shooting Guard - North Station - NSS Flix: KG Pays Respect to the Captain


There are no words in this post. There are three short clips. One is of KG draining a shot from pretty much foul line territory on the other side of the court. The other two clips are of KG and "The Truth" speaking about Wednesday night's game.


Small Forward - Celtics Town - Rondo, Rondo, Rondo, as Celtics Overcome Warriors

"Rajon Rondo has played some fine basketball this season, and has been one of the C's best players, if not the very best."



I'm going to be biast and say that the celtics are the best team in the nba because of one guy, one guy only. Rondo. He runs the offense with ease, and gets to the hoop like stealing candy from a baby. Well, maybe I went a little overboard by saying that about rondo but without him, we would be not as good. The Big 3 helps a lot but Rondo does his fair share for sure.


Power Forward - Loy's Place - Comments From the Other Side - Warriors 11/18


"Don't we want to lose? We aint making the playoffs, and I don't want a 12-14 pick. May as well play the kids and lose big for the future. "


This is only one of a lot of hilarious jokes from the Warriors commentators. I don't even know what to say right now. My sides are hurting from laughing at this post. This is by far my favorite post of the day!!


Center - Celtics 17 - We're Just Wasting Time Now

"Ugh, does this ever stop? For the past couple of years we’ve been hearing “Where will LeBron James play in 2010!?” every time the Cleveland Cavaliers play on TV."


I don't have to say much about this. LeBron James is always looking for publicity. Read this post and you may find out where James might play football in the NFL.

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