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Posted by Nubz on November 22, 2009 at 6:47 PM

Entering week 48 of the year 2009 we are only a couple weeks into the NBA season and things are really getting heated in New England. Why can't the Celtics play consistant and smoke the Knicks out of the cave? Why can't the C's play with heart instead of hoping for the best. Time will only tell what will happen, but I know for sure I'm going to stick behind the Celtics 100% and you should too!

Point Guard - Boston Herald - Celtics Stars Pull Out All The Steps

"Boston Celtics good guy Ray Allen threw a rockin’ benefit bash at Lansdowne Pub the other night, where teammates Rasheed Wallace and Glen “Big Baby” Davis busted out their dance moves."


Ray Allen is one of my favorite players on the celtics and what he has done here at his benefit bash is great to hear. He has a big heart and after he retires I see him sticking around the NBA and continuing his greatfulness towards his people of New England.


Shooting Guard - Boston.com - Celtics Aren't Losing Faith

"The Celtics went through some soul-searching yesterday, trying to find answers for their recent slump."


Pierce talks about what he thinks is wrong with the team, and explains that it won't take long to get out of this slump. Coach Doc Rivers also adds his two cents in.


Small Forward - Celtics 17 - Turn the Page: Celtics Holed Up in Cave of Despair

"There’s times when you have hope in your team and you don’t. "


Wow. Want to hear some great criticism? Read this post and you will cruelty hear what is true with the Celtics.


Power Forward - Celtics Blog - KG drains buzzer beater, C's win.

"Kevin Garnett, who was a putrid 3-for-15 from the field, swished a 20-footer from the top of the key."

This post says it all about the luck the celtics had at this game, but maybe it also shows that the C's are done playing around? You tell me...


Center - Loscy.com - Looking for the Celts’ help defense and offensive fluidity

 "Most people would say that wins are wins. At the end of the day, as long as the number in the win column increases by one then that is all that matters."


This post happens to be a longer version of  my "power forward" post. This goes into more detail for those of you who are crazy obsessive with details.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving week!

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