Upside to Sheed's Woes

Posted by GreenBanner18 on November 24, 2009 at 5:18 PM

Quick stats: Rasheed is shooting 27.2% from behind the arc- He is averaging 5.8 threes taken per game (meaning 1.5 go in per game) - He has gone 0-11 in the past 2 games from deep- He is 3-24 (12.5%) from three in the past 5 games...


Okay, he is struggling shooting the ball we all know. If the airball, which wasn't even close, in the Knicks game wasn't enough, I dont know what is. What we have noticed, however, is to an extent exactly what we were hoping for. Don't get me wrong, it has only been 14 games into the season, but Sheed is not disrupting the team at all. Atleast he is not disrupting it with his mouth or with his antics. We all understand the excessive threes may mess with the flow. The thing is that fault can, and should change.


Wallace is still playing on the defensive side of the ball about as hard as you could expect. In the Orlando game, he was a key on the defensive end in some crucial steals. The same can be said of his steal against Curry in the game against the Knicks.This shows that despite how he is playing, he has not given up on the team. You would assume that, though. He came knowing he would play off the bench, and came to be with the veterans this team has. For now, still very early in the season, we can not complain that Rasheed Wallace is tearing our team down. In fact, Wallace has even kept a smile on his face during the good times, despite his poor shooting. To me, that shows what he really cares about.

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