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Posted by Nubz on November 25, 2009 at 11:47 PM

Thursday, November 26th 2009

Thanksgiving Day

 Point Guard - North Station Sports - We Have Explored What The C's Need - Now It's Time To Move On

"Have we all read enough regarding the Celtics struggles of late? I know I can barely get my fingers on the keyboard to write about it anymore."


I know im sick of hearing about the C's struggles. I'm a positive guy but lately all I have been hearing about is the C's need to do this or they need to do that. They will come around, I know they will. It just takes awhile for a high mileage engine to warm up then a 2000 mile engine if you know what I mean. We are still getting wins so thats a plus.


Shooting Guard - Celtics Blog - Superlatives for this seasons Celtics

"Best Family Guy Guest Appearance: Kevin Garnett: I can just picture it now. Chris Griffin is talking to one of his friends at school and says, "Man, this is almost as bad as that time Kevin Garnett made me want to quit little league."


This is by far the funniest post ever in Ginos Starting Five. I cracked a rib when I tossed myself on the floor laughing so hard because you can actually picture these things happening. If you have to choose any of these to read, read this one!!


Small Forward - Loy's Place - Comments from the other side - Sixers 11/25

"They are playing good so far. Boston's bench isn't nearly as good as last year with Big Baby out and Powe gone. Sheed is a shell of the player he used to be, he just shoots 3's all game. "


I love reading Loy's Place comments from the other side. It's great to hear what the other bloggers have to say about the "Boston Stearns" (Thats what our name is from Sixers fans.) They don't think our bench is as good as it was last year? We have more depth then we have ever had.... so I don't know what they are talking about.


Power Forward - Hardwood Houdini - Boston Celtics look old - Poor Man Excuse

"If there is one phrase I have heard too many times, it is about how the Celtics look old, and the team is doomed for the rest of the year because of it. "


About time someone speaks the honest truth. If you want some statistics and facts, read this long but dependable post.


Center - Celtics Life - All I Want For Thanksgiving is a Celtics Blowout

"Nothing would make me happier than leaving for the bar knowing the Celtics were cruising to an easy victory. "


This post was put up before the game but I loved the title and its a good link to put up and say to everyone to have a great fulfilling thanksgiving and be safe everyone. Have a good Day.

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