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Posted by Matt Rury on December 2, 2009 at 10:39 PM

The crowd is fired up by dgaproductions.

I wasn't planning on posting anything here tonight but I just got back from the Bruins game and thought this would be a good time to compare the atmosphere in the Garden during a Bruins game, to that of my beloved Celtics.

I'll take a moment to preface this post by saying that I am not a very knowledgable hockey fan.  I know the game sort of well, but I don't know all the rules, penalties, or types of players that comprise a good team.  I also don't know much about the opposing teams, and I couldn't name half the Bruins players by number when they were on the ice.  With that being said (any "Curb" fans out there?) there were some major differences I noticed tonight that in the end made me appreciate the Celtics and their fans even more than I already did.

You may be wondering if this is going to be a few paragraphs of me bashing the Bruins and their fans, and I assure you that is not going to happen.  What I will say is that the atmosphere at a Celtics game is definitely more exciting over the course of a game.

The Bruins scored 4 goals tonight including newly extended center Marc Savard's 200th of his young career.  They played pretty good defense topped off by some outstanding saves from the consistent Tim Thomas.  They played a sound, all-around hockey game and looked better than their opponent from the second the puck dropped.  Despite all that, I found myself drifting away from the game and looking at the clock, or my cell phone during the action.

The excitement at Bruins games comes in quick spurts.  Goals are fast, hits happen quickly and great saves can occur with the flick of a wrist.  When these things happen the intensity level of the crowd is seldom matched - my problem is that it doesn't last long enough.  Part of this is due to the timing of the game.  Hockey plays 60 minutes of game time with 34 total minutes of downtime between periods.  Basketball on the other hand, is 48 minutes of game time with about 18 total minutes of downtime between quarters.  There always seems to be something going on at a Celtics game in a shorter period of time, while the Bruins game is more drawn out and the great plays come less often.


On top of all of this was the somewhat shocking amount of empty seats in the house tonight.  The Bruins are starting to catch fire again and there were plenty of seats available for this game tonight.  Where are all the fans??  I can't remember the last time I saw courtside seats empty for an entire game, or whole rows in the balcony empty for the first 20 minutes of game time when the Garden turns into the Jungle.

All of this is attributed to the fact that I am not a die-hard Bruins fan.  The intense Bruins fans that actually showed up tonight were loud, excited and I definitely had a great time. 

There was one instance tonight where I was very impressed by a Bruins fan.  In the section next to us, some people were trying to get "the wave" started.  This has been happening at Celtics games recently as well, and I don't like it one bit.  It happened at Madison Square Garden when I was there recently and I felt nothing but awkwardness.  "The wave" should be saved for baseball games and other select outdoor arenas.  One diehard Bruins fan did something about it tonight though, screaming "save it for Fenway" multiple times until they realized it wasn't going to work and stopped their feeble attempt.

Apparently we're not THAT different afterall.


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Reply Dirk van Boxtel
4:34 AM on December 3, 2009 
That's why I don't just love the Celtics, but why I love -Basketball-.

It's just "the better game".

.edit: great read again btw ;)