Celtics Prove to be Veterans With Most Weapons

Posted by GreenBanner18 on December 4, 2009 at 1:08 AM


Sometimes we take for granted wins on the road. This game could be one of them. Realistically this game should not have even been close coming down the stretch. For almost every minute the complete starting 5 were in the game, the Spurs were being out hustled, and were playing almost 2 talent levels below the Celtics. When things got a little out of hand was when the majority of the players in the game were players off the bench. This was when the defense got sloppy, and on the offensive ends there were much more turnovers. Everytime the starters were in, they would get a big lead, only to be demolished when the bench stepped back on the floor. This was the up and down game that ran throughout the night.


The C's were lead in large part by Kevin Garnett. Lets face it, KG has turned into an absolute animal. This energy- this passion- this reborn meaning to playing the game was lost in last years season. Garnett is playing with the same intensity he did in 07-08. With that, he helped lead the C's tonight with 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. We noticed he was knocking down jumpers, but most of all we saw his vision. He was getting the ball to Perkins to perfectly set him up for a score. The other player who was perfectly setting people up was Rajon Rondo. Rondo finished the night with 12 assists, and was playing his up tempo, dribble under the hoop and back out the other side, style of play. Like usual, when he was in the game there was much more movement, and confusion by the opponents.


One thing we have noticed, and we saw it in tonights game as well as the past couple of games, is the Celtics defense getting back into form. The past three games the Celtics have given up 83, 90, and 85 points. This is in sharp contrast to the previous 3 games in which they gave up 100+ points. The rotations are much more smoother, but at the same time teams are not draining every shot they take. The saying is, "they are NBA players they will make it when they are open". Well, yes and no. Sometimes being too far open gives them too much time to think, thus leading to a miss. This was the case in several situations tonight. We left them wide open, in fact at times ran away from them, and in return they missed (sometimes very badly). To put it simple, regardless to whether or not it is the NBA, not all open shots fall, and in the tough stretch to this season, every open shot did fall- in addition to every contested shot.


As I said to begin the post, we could overlook the 7 point victory against a very good Spurs team, at a very tough place to play. The Celtics could have won by much more. Oh well, they didn't. I don't think our expectations should always be that we need to clean house when our opponents are playing "bad". We did what it took, got our 6th victory in a row, 3 out of 3 so far on this road trip, and head into Oklahoma City tomorrow night looking for 7 in a row, and a clean sweep of the trip. All is good at 15-4.


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