Who Plays Who In the Best Celtics Playoff Situation

Posted by GreenBanner18 on February 22, 2010 at 11:44 PM

This is a highly debatable topic and feel free to disagree with me. I think the easiest road for the Celtics is as follows:


Celtics play Miami in the first round in a 2 vs 7 matchup.

Celtics play Hawks in the second round in a 2 vs 3 matchup.

Celtics play Magic in ECF in a 2 vs 4 matchup.


I want the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs because the Celtics simply have their number. As has been posted by me on Hardwood Houdini, D Wade can not find a way to beat Boston. In the Big 3 era, he has only beaten the Celtics one time. Some may say, "But Dwyane Wade in the playoffs is always a scary thing to go up against." True, but he isn't that type of a player who can throw his crap supporting cast on his back and carry them to victory.


Now the 2nd round is interesing. We haven't beaten the Hawks all year, and even struggled with them during the regular season last year. As much as Atlanta scares everyone else, they don't really bother me in the playoffs. Although they have confidence when playing the Celtics, that confidence can be shattered when the Celtics play tough basketball.


The ECF matchup would be made as the Magic can beat the Cavs in a 7 game series. I said that from mid season last year (and it became true) and I still believe it today, about this year. Therefore, the C's would meet them in the Eastern Finals. Again, the Celtics are 1-3 against them this year, but really, they are about 20 minutes of basketball away from being 4-0 against them. Again the Magic do not scare me. The Cavs in the Conference Finals scare me for 2 reasons: 1) Lebron and 2) Lebron and the refs. Great defense or not, as soon as Lebron cries foul, the whistle blows. On the road, in the playoffs, with Lebron getting every call,  and the league clearly wanting a Cavs vs. Lakers matchup, it would be very difficult to win.


Then in the Finals, all I can hope for is the Lakers so the Celtics can beat the crap out of them again to raise Banner 18 with pride.

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