Why Grab Finley?

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 3, 2010 at 2:05 AM

The Celtics are said to be interested in Michael Finley who just got waived by the San Antonio Spurs. Finley is 37 years old, and has gotten very little playing time for the Spurs so far this season. Due to that, his numbers are down, and it is but a guess as to whether or not his shooting percentages would ever go up.


I don't have a problem with the Celtics picking him up, but I wonder what the logic would be behind it? All it would do is 1) Make the Celtics older and 2) Add a guy at an already saturated position. The C's wouldn't be able to provide him with much time, therefore his numbers would more than likely stay right where they are. Either way, why would he ask to get out of San Antonio, where he is playing very few minutes, to join the Celtics where he would play very few minutes?


At the inbetween guard / small foward position we already have Ray, Nate, TA, Marquis, and Pierce. I can't find where the team would find any minutes for him with that group of guys already in place. Maybe he would take a few of TA's minutes? I don't knot but it surely wouldnt be enough to pull him out of his lack of shooting this year.


To me it would be a pointless acquisition. It would be similar to picking up Mikki Moore if Kevin Garnett were never to go down to injury. Mikki Moore wouldn't have seen a second on the floor if Garnett didn't have a season ending injury last year. The same goes for Finley. I can't see him coming in at a PJ Brown type role at the 2/3 position. The Celtics already have other guys who are quicker, know the system, and can make the tough plays with their young legs.

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