No Respect Is A Good Thing

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 4, 2010 at 9:46 PM

The Celtics held up the Larry O'Brien trophy during celebrations.

All of the talk (as you would expect) is about how the Lakers are going to play the Cavs in the Finals. Every sports analyst is trying to figure out which team is going to have the advantage in a series. If it isn't the Cavs vs. Lakers, it is the Cavs vs. Magic as to who will win that "Eastern Conference Finals series". Will Shaq be back? Can the Magic win even if Shaq isn't back? Does Shaq make the Cavs more beatable against the Magic?


No respect. But, as we know the Celtics haven't really dont anything to earn that. However, despite all of the struggles, I EXPECT the Celtics to win the championship. The C's have hidden talent. I guess you could call it hidden, because it comes and goes as the team feels need be.


The team is different now. They lost to the Nets, and they lost a good size lead against the Cavs. They sure did. There isn't too many excuses I can find for those games. The only thing I know is Boston didn't play but for maybe 5 minutes in the game against the Nets, and about 2 quarters against the Cavs.


I do agree on one thing- the team can not turn it on and off for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. It will be very difficult to switch that around in the blink of an eye right when the playoffs start. I do feel, the team is beginning to internally get a sense of urgency. Nate Rrobinson has helped that, KG's intensity is picking up, and Paul Pierce is more focused than ever.


Remember less than 2 years ago when the Lakers were going to beat the Celtics in 5? What happened in that series? It is good for the Celtics to be underrated. Let people think they are going to be an easy out. Although the faith in this team is gone everywhere else in the country, it still remains in Celtics Nation.

(Photo via Boston.com)

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