Eastern Playoffs - If It Started Today

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Now this will be interesting because the bottom 5 teams (5-9) are only seperated by 2.5 games. We might as well have some fun with it, though, and just see what would happen. How would it shake up in the east? By the way, I did this before the game as you can tell from the time at the top. If you watched the game they copied me. I'm telling you CSNNE reads Gino's Jungle. Just kidding.. They had an "if the playoffs started today" pop up during the game.


(1) Cleveland vs. (8) Chicago


The 1 vs. 8 here would probably be a sweep for Cleveland. Although the Bulls have beaten them in this regular season, I dont see it happening in the playoffs.

(2) Orlando vs. (7) Miami


The 2 vs. 7 matchup is very interesting as Orlando has had their struggles with Miami. Miami is 2-1 against the Magic so far this year, and the teams have 1 more matchup. The Heat have crushed the Magic in one of the games, beat them late in another, and got beaten pretty handily in their last matchup. This would be a fun series to watch.

(3) Boston vs. (6) Toronto


This would be an awesome first round matchup for the Celtics. They have had very little problem with Toronto this year, and the Raptors are playoff virgins. It would be a present to be able to play the Raptors in round 1.

(4) Atlanta vs. (5) Milwaukee


Milwaukee is a weird team. They started the season off red hot, and quickly, oh so very quickly flamed out. Now, they have picked it back up again. They have the ability to contend with the Hawks. These two teams have only met once so far this season, with Atlanta squeaking out a 4 point victory. This would have the potential to be another intriguing series.


With this setup, the Celtics would have the potential to have Milwaukee and Miami give them a little help. It is not a deffinite, but I would say Milwaukee and Miami can beat the Hawks and Magic if they play well. Say Miami was to beat Orlando, the C's would have an extra series at home against the Heat, a team that can't, and I mean CAN NOT beat the Celtics. Boston sweeped the season series this year, went 2-1 last year, and 4-0 in 07-08.


That could mean 2 easy series leading up to a showdown against the Cavs. Now Cleveland would then have 2 easy series too, but my confidence in the Celtics to beat the Cavs in a series is very high. Sure this wouldn't lead to all the fun matchups like Celtics vs. Bulls in round 1 into Celtics vs. Magic into Celtics vs Cavs, but the truth of the matter is, I think we all would take a championship this year no matter what form it came in. To get that, the easier the first couple seriese are the better. Not that I think that is the only way we could win... Just "the easiest" way we could win would be that way.


Again, this is all just having fun and seeing what would hapen if the season ended today. Obviously it doesn't, and there is still alot of shaking up to do in the 5-9 spots, and the 2-4 spots. For all we know, the Bobcats could sneak into the 8th spot and beat the Cavs in round 1? The stretch run and the playoffs are what make the NBA so much fun.

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