NOT Just a Loss - Something to Worry About

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 10, 2010 at 10:25 PM

Really, there was nothing to take out of the loss to the Bucks. However, tonight....tonight......tonight..... was a different story. Throughout the game the vein on my forehead was pulsating. Like I have said before, I can sit through poor shooting, but I CAN NOT watch the team not play with any kind of heart, pride, energy, or focus. There was one point in the game where the momentum was clearly with the Grizzlies (as it was all game) and the ball rolled at the feet of Rondo and he refused to bend down to pick it up while the Memphis player just easily picked it up. If the Celtics had a coach that had any kind of control over his players, Rondo would have sat on the bench for the remainder of the game for that move. Instead, the C's have a soft coach that is best buddies with everyone on the team.


I thought the issues were over since the trade deadline. Even with the loss to the Nets, I believed deep down the team had what it took to turn it around. The 4 game win streak helped, and the loss to the Bucks (like I said above) did not bother me at all. I figured the Celtics would come out tonight and play like they should, and beat the Grrizzlies.


I was very wrong. The C's scored 12 and I emphasize TWELVE points in the first quarter. That opened the door for a quick 27-12, which turned into 30-12 once the 2nd quarter started.. defecit. They kept trying to cut into the lead, but after every mini run, the Grizzlies would score a single basket, and in the snap of a finger, every Celtic players head went right back down.


Boo's rained down on the Celtics starting early in the 2nd. As the quarter went on, they got exponentially louder, before reaching their pinnacle as the team walked off the floor at the half. Boston fans aren't stupid. You can carry around the fact that you won a title 2 years ago, and you can walk around THINKING you are the best team, but until you look in the mirror, you will be nothing more than the average record you have posted since Christmas. Thats not turning on the team, that just stating the cold hard facts. Fans recognize this extreme lack of effort and will let the players know. The team has turned into a bunch of high maintenance and self centered players who have created this illusion for themselves where they think they don't have to hustle. Lack of hustle = the loudest boo's you will ever hear pour down on the home team.


It is one thing to boo this team, it is quite another to boo the 06-07 Celtics. This team was EXPECTED to win it all when the season started. They had the chip on their shoulders because THEY were the ones who had to prove themselves again after the Lakers stole their title last year. With all that you are going to post an 18-12 record on your home floor? To all the fans who went to the game and boo'd - Thank you. You spoke for me, and probably many other people.


Maybe more posts to come venting and expanding on the frustrations. For now, who the heck knows what is going to happen on Friday night when the Celtics host the Indiana Pacers.



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Reply bballee
4:17 PM on March 11, 2010 
I too was dismayed by the roll to Rondo who didn't even bend over. Started my How Bad Is It? with that example. (http://celticsgreen.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-bad-was-it.html)