C's Gotta Keep Going At What Works

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 12, 2010 at 5:11 PM


The Celtics are: A passing team that scores off ball movement. You wouldn't think that would have to be said. Over the past 3 years, that has become very evident for the team to be successful. When the team is at its best, the ball goes from one open shot, to another open shot, until the perfect shot attempt is available. If you watched the game against the Jazz earlier this year, there was one play that was the deffinition of "unselfish basketball". The ball was swung around for 5 or 6 passes, giving up 1 or 2 open looks until it finished in the hands of Rondo for an easy layup.


It has been since waaaaayy back then, that we got to see that type of basketball. I remember when I went to the game against the Bulls, which was the second home game of the season, all I could do was shake my head. It was a thing of beauty what I was watching. The team was having so much fun, and the passing was extremely crisp, and every shot was in rhythm. Since then, for an entire game we have not seen that type of game. Atleast a month ago we could see it for 2 quarters, or 3 quarters. Now, we dont see it for a minute.


It starts at Rondo. Suddenly, Rondo thinks he is is the scorer of the team, and is deciding to score instead of pass. During the point in the year when there were a lot of injuries, I was excited that players like Rondo would get a chance to improve on their offensive game. He did that, and became more comfortable with little floaters and jump shots.


Since then he has gotten into funks where he tries to score too much. If you listen to the Celtics Late Night Show you know I used to run with this idea for a while, and it has come to the forefront. Rondo is scoring TOO MUCH. Yes, it is great that he can score, and that the defense has to worry about that, but that doesn't mean he is our number 1 option.


Our top options are still the Big 3. They may be missing shots early in games, but they will never find it without the ball. The Celtics can not and i repeast CAN NOT have a game in which Ray Allen gets only 3 shot attempts. That falls on the shoulders of Rondo. Also, even if KG misses his first couple of shots, and PP misses his first couple shots as well, the team has to keep going to it. If you think they shouldn't keep going to it, just look at our past few games point totals. Those are the totals we get when Rondo is our main option to score.


Rondo needs to get back to his annoying game. By that I mean, the style of play where he passes up wide open layups. He needs to get back to being fixated on getting as many assists as he possibly can. When that happens, I will be shaking my head, and the team will take off.


SIDE NOTE: I always look for a picture for the post last. I write it up, and use that to select a picture that best describes the post. For this post it would be a picture of Rondo passing the ball. I have flipped through many pictures, and almost every single one of them are pictures of him shooting a layup, jump shot, or a contested runner. The picture above is literally the only photo of him passing out of 100. 4 months ago 95% of those pictures would be of him passing the ball.


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