That Game Had A Different Feeling

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 13, 2010 at 12:45 AM


Heart.. Pride.. Energy.. Focus.. Right from the opening chest pound of KG, this game had a completely different tone to it. They showed the replay of KG pounding his chest (like he always does) right after coming back from a timeout. I texted Nick (of North Station Sports) and told him that act that has become so normal was so much different this time. I'm no body language reader, or psychologist or whatever, but that showed me something. If you were to watch it over, you may think the same thing. I could tell that it affected him to be booed by the home court last time. To me.. it was a sign saying, "I'm sorry, and we won't ever let you guys down again."


The Celtics got out to a somewhat shaky start, but did not let it bother them. They instead built a little momentim, and starting pulling away late in the 1st. By halftime, the C's had scored 67 points. There have been questions before surrounding where the teams offense went to, but there was no question about that in this game. Just hours after I made the post, "C's Gotta Keep Going At What Works" the home squad did just that.


It was like everyone was playing their role, and doing so to perfection. Nate Robinson was coming in and not being hesitant whatsoever. That is what the team brought him in to do. They want him to take his shot, play his game, and when he does that he will have games like he did tonight going 5-6 from three point range. Rajon Rondo was playing good ball as well. HE WAS TRYING. I have harped on him for a few weeks about his lack of effort, but tonight he was everywhere like we used to say he was during the first half of the season.


All in all it was a nearly perfect game. I couldn't imagine this game going any better than it did. The C's were taking efficient shots, and playing solid defense. We saw a couple of alley oops, one to Pierce (surprising) and one to Tony Allen from Nate. The true test will come on Sunday, though, as we head to Cleveland to take on the Cavs. Will they play a whole game of basketball like they did in the first half against the Cavs (a few weeks ago), or a whole game like they played in the second half? Maybe it will be half way between, and they will play good throughout. I think this is a must win for Boston. They need to prove to themselves that they can beat a top team. If they do win.... watch out. The last thing the rest of the NBA wants right now is the Celtics to have their swag and confidence back heading into the playoffs.


(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

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