The Four Games That Can Silence the Doubters

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 19, 2010 at 6:42 PM

The next 4 games on the schedule are very subtle hints as to where the Celtics body of work is at. You don't normally think of any game other than games against: LA, Cleveland, Orlando, or Atlanta to be games to be proud about. However, if you look at the next 6 nights, the C's will take on a heavy load that can really boost their confidence, and HOPEFULLY every other person out there who follows the team.


For the past few months we have heard ESPN give up on the team. They don't even cover them as a contender anymore. The Celtics are completely out of the almighty Sports Center loop. Even the homers have turned on them, though. Jackie MacMullen was on Comcast the other night (as I said in "Negativity Is Crazy.. Just Watch and Have Fun") and she thought it was "obvious" the C's wouldn't win the championship this year. Then just tonight, Gary Tanguay said this years starting 5 can not beat every team in the league. He followed it up by saying even if Paul Pierce takes control of this team, "he can only take them so far".


I disagree completely with all of this analysis for one lone reason... Since the rejuvenation on March 10th in the game against the Grizzlies, the Celtics haven't gotten a chance like they do over the next week. They have played the Cavs (which I think they played quite well) and that was coming off only 1 game of confidence. With these 2 games this week, coupled with the game last week at home against the Pacers, I think the green has a new focus on where they can go.


It starts tonight in Houston. The Rockets are a very good team, and have won 4 in a row. I do, however, like the style the Rockets bring to the floor, at least from a Celtics fan perspective. In other words I think we match up nice with them. It is a back to back, though, and Dallas is the next game up. The Mavs beat us good at home, and have shown they are just as good IF NOT BETTER than the Lakers.


Then it is @ Utah, who is not playing like the team we spanked early in the season. They are extremely difficult to beat on their home court, and they play up to their opponents. Lastly Denver comes to the Garden on Wednesday. We all know what happened when the Celtics went to Denver, and it wasn't pretty. BUT, they still had a chance to pull it out.


You can look at these games from a win/loss stand point, or a "how did the team play" stand point. Obviously the wins and the losses are good, but if the Celtics lose 2 of these games, and both were games where the team had a solid performance, but just couldn't pull it out... how can we stand back and say "We can't beat them.. we just can't do it"? It is not about winning every single game, it is about playing them hard and looking like they are at the same talent level as their opponents.


If the Celtics play well in these next 4 games and dont get the respect, then I don't know how they will. Either way, I have no problem with being the underdog going into the playoffs. Showing no respect to a team that can win a championship is dangerous.


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