Garnett and Pierce (Captains) Calm Down Rondo

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 23, 2010 at 11:06 AM

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A month and a half ago, you would not see the Celtics doing some of the small things they are beginning to do now. The focus wasn't there, nor was the drive to be a TEAM. In some aspects, it almost seemed as though the team were divided. I am not going to suggest that they were, but when the team is struggling, and everything is going bad, it is very easy to speculate about almost anything.


Don't ignore the last 45 seconds of this video. Every bit of what happened is important to pick out. At this point in the game, the calls were for the most part going the Celtics way. There were some very questionable calls against the Jazz that you couldn't help but wonder who the home team was (because it seemed like it was the C's). Rondo was frustrated because Williams was using screen after screen to get loose from the Celtics point guard. To make it even more simple: Rondo was getting pushed around a little bit by the screens and the fact he was guarding a stronger guard.


Well, I have no idea if that is a charge or a block. Very similar to in football, how no body has any idea what a "Roughing the Passer" penalty is... No body in basketball knows what a "Charge" is. Was he moving his feet still? Yes, but doesn't he deserve the ability to get in front of the guy he is guarding? I don't know but that is beside the point. It was a 50/50 call.


What IS the point, is the veteran leadership. The captains are starting to take this team back over and get everyone thinking in the right direction. Rondo would have gotten a technical, and at that point in the game it would have really shifted the momentum. It is good to see that kind of stuff because it just shows the team is focused on winning NOW. Not in a week, not in a month, not when the playoffs start.. NOW. This is what these guys would have done 2 years ago, and we are seeing it creep back in today.


As you keep watching the video, notice what happens. Eventually Rondo is calm (or atleast as calm as he can be) and he goes right down to the other end with a clear head and makes a great pass to Perkins for the lay in. Would he have his head back in the game if it werent for PP and KG? That is debatable but I would have to suggest the answer to be "no".


Nevermind this lone example, on CSNNE, they said KG was out with the 4 other starters in a huddle getting their heads together to try and make a run at it. So the team lost, and it wasn't meant to be on that night. It is just another regular season game, but it is awesome as a fan to see the movement of the C's from a team that is "waiting" to a team that is living for right now.

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