Celtics Face the Team That is Tough To Hate

Posted by GreenBanner18 on March 24, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Tonight the Celtics will square off against the Denver Nuggets at 7 pm ET on ESPN or CSNNE. Although it is a matchup between two very good teams who call themselves contenders, there is very little bad blood here. As a fan I find the Nuggets very difficult to hate. How can I be upset with a team who I watch 3-4 times a year spank around the Los Angeles Lakers?


Every time they play the Lakers I cheer for them, and I get a kick out of Billups and JR Smith raining 3's down on LA. It is fun to watch Kobe suddenly turn on his teammates even though Kobe is "such a great teammate". When things get rough, Bryant shows his true colors. BUT that topic is for another rainy day.


I mean really think about it for a second. How many teams out there can you really say you have atleast a little bit of despise for going into the game? Maybe the Jazz like the other night? But even they give me a reason to get mad at them because they suck against the Lakers. They have ticked me off more than once when they had to play LA in the playoffs.


Maybe it is just because I have grown to like them over the days. They are the New Orleans Saints of basketball (atleast for me). The Saints have never given us a reason to hate them. I guess you can attribute most of that to the fact that we hardly every play them. Well the same is true here in the fact that the Celtics only meet the Nuggets twice a year. The only other time they can meet is in the Finals and we know that hasn't happened. Never playing a team makes it difficult to dislike them.


Actually, I think it is kind of ironic that the team with the most tattoo's in the league is the team that raises the least amount of crap with the C's. You usually tend to think of the guys lined with tat's as the bad asses. Heck JR Smith probably has more ink on him than the whole Celtics team combined.


The Nuggets will continue to wear their brilliant sky blue uniforms and be on my good side for now. I guess it is never bad to not hate a team, but it sure is kind of weird.


With all that being said.... Go Celtics, kick the crap out of Denver tonight...

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Reply sanabeans
3:23 PM on March 24, 2010 
i really like the nuggets. i heart JR Smith!! except for when he killed the C's with those 3's the last time they played in Denver. I'm hoping the C's won't allow him to get hot tonight.