Meet The Man Who Plays Perfect Defense

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 5, 2010 at 7:38 PM

 LeBron James #23 Of The Cleveland Cavaliers Gives


There are many adjectives out there that describe how funny, and how ridiculous I think the NBA is at allowing superstars the "right" to do more than anyone else on the court. Sure, Kevin Durant may have been "Michael *&^$^#@ Jordon", and Kobe gets special treatment, but there is no one, and I mean NO ONE who gets special treatment like James. Yesterdays game did not sway from the norm one bit.


First I'd like to start with the entire Cleveland Cavalier team. At one point in the game they were complaining and whining every single trip up the floor. At that exact moment, the Celtics had 24 personal fouls called on them, and the Cavs had 20 on them. The free throw differential showed that the C's had taken 26 free throws, and the Cavaliers has taken 33. You get my drift.. What is there to whine about so heavily?? The final tallies for both personal fouls and free throws were almost identical. Apparently Cleveland was upset because they are used to having many more FT's than their opponents.


Now onto Lebron.. "How?" is the only question I can think to ask given the following FACTS. James played 2 minutes and 36 seconds longer than the next highest player. Lebron played 44:32, so he only sat for 3:28. 54 total fouls were called in the game (27 for each team). Lebron James had zero.. read my lips.. ZERO fouls called against him. The only other player in this game (who played) that didn't have a foul called on them was Shelden Williams who played for just over 2 minutes.


When including all other players who played over 10 minutes, the average player had 3.2 fouls. I'll tell ya, for a guy who is as active as he is, he must play really, really great defense. Or, maybe he is not aggressive enough? Haha... not a chance..


To push this one step further, he stood 15 feet from a ref while the Celtics were inbounding the ball, and blatAntly yelled at the top of his lungs and showed up the ref in front of everybody. Name 1 player on the Celtics.. Check that.. name 1 player in the NBA who could do what he did and not have a T called on them? I would debate with you that even Kobe would have had a technical called on him there.


Not much is going to change any of this. It is just becoming something that is normal. It is after watching games like I saw yesterday that make me glad I have a blog. I get to complain and complain with little knowledge of what the reaction is of the person who is reading this. For all I know you could have rolled your eyes and said, 'here we go again - another post crying about Lebron". Oh well, I feel better now :lol:

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Reply ridiculous
5:51 AM on April 6, 2010 
nah i totally agree and theres alot of posters over at boston dot com and various other sites that noticed the same utter B.S!!! its not going to change ... shit is sickening
Reply ridiculous
6:01 AM on April 6, 2010 
lebron is a tank of a human being thats ultra aggressive... he drive to the hole like a charging bull, bodies up opponents on defense, takes extra steps, shows up the refs (and the game announcers stay stuck to his jock)... now ray allen is about half the size of lebron and less aggressive but in the game against the rockets he fouled out in 16 minutes!! think about that... an aggressive bull plays almost 45 minutes, doesn't commit one foul and a smooth jump shooter plays 16 and has 6... somebody please tell stern superstars dont need help... THEY'RE GOOD ENOUGH... the NBA... where unfair happens
Reply FLCeltsFan
4:03 PM on April 6, 2010 
I heartily agree. I've been fuming about the same thing. No other player in the league, not even Kobe gets away with what LeBron does. The league is losing all credibility with the way they coddle this guy. It was funny when I was doing the Comments from the Other side because the Cavs fans were complaining about all the calls the Celtics were getting and that they couldn't get a call. Reading their board you would have thought that the Celtics had taken 45 free throws to 9 for them (like THEY did in the Bucks game) They kept saying LeBron couldn't get a call but he went to the line 22 times!!!! How many calls do they want him to get???
Reply GreenBanner18
12:20 AM on April 7, 2010 
Cavs fans would whine because they have become accustomed to doubling their opponents in free throw attempts... Its just disturbing because this isn't the first time he has had games with 0 fouls called against him.. It has happened several times all year.. 13 times to be exact.. Kobe has only had 5 games with 0 fouls..