Is The Giant Skid Mark the Celtics Have Laid This Season Too Large to Overcome?

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 6, 2010 at 11:37 PM

To put it simple the Celtics have fallen on their face. They have disappointed their fans time and time again. Fans don't seek perfection, but they do seek some sort of passion and pride. The team has without question quit at certain points throughout the season. Probably our (fans) most excited days were the first few weeks of the season when 72-10 actually did seem very realistic.


Since then it has been frustrating (which is an understatement) to watch this team go up and down. It is one thing to be the 06-07 Celtics and lose to crappy teams, but it is quite another to be the 09-10 Boston Celtics and lose to countless crummy opponents. It seems like every game for a quarter here and there they just have to remind themselves they still got it, and then they can call it good.


So, have the Celtics "ruined" your life for the past half a year to so much of an extent that not even a championship could satisfy you? Meaning- how happy do you think you will be (because we are talking about the future) if the Celtics WERE to end up with Banner 18? Is it acceptable to you as a fan to follow this team so religiously, that you can accept all of the mud, and dog/horse/cow/elephant dung this team has dragged you through on their way to a championship? Because hey, you know as well as I do that there are ups and downs in every season.. There is never THIS MANY ups and downs, though.


Would 2 months of Celtics basketball on the way to a new banner erase the 6 months of bad memories for you, and make you happy for the accomplishments of the 09-10 Boston Celtics?

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Reply North Station Sports
8:50 AM on April 7, 2010 
If this team pulls together a title (and I am still holding out hope that they will), I will celebrate #18 just like I celebrated #17. The only difference being, I celebrated #17 until the Magic bounced us in the semi's the following year. I wont do that this time. Once the trophy is in hand, I will turn my attention to the future of this club.

This season of frustration, hopelessness, stress, disgust, etc has made me more numb game by game.

If they win... I will always remember that they "dogged" it through the reg season. I will celebrate but I will put it behind me quick and concentrate on how difficult (and unlikely) #19 would be in 2011.

If the Celtics were to win in June, they will have done it in the most un-celtic-like way. The Celtics don't bag an entire season to rush into the playoffs.