Is Rasheed the worst Boston Celtic ever?

Posted by B-PAUL on April 8, 2010 at 12:39 AM

 If you have read Gino's Jungle at all this season, or listened to the Celtics Late Night Show, then you proabably know I have a deep hatred for Rasheed Wallace, When Rasheed came to the Celtics earlier this year I, along with many Celtics fans, knew exactly what the C's were getting from Rasheed. They were getting a nearly seven foot center who is clearly on the decline, who shoots way more threes than any man over 6 10" should, and a man who has to look up the word "hustle" everytime a coach says it during a game or in practice.


Today one of the most critical sports writers out there, Bill Simmons from ESPN, took some time to voice his opinion on what most of us have been (expletive) about all season. When it comes to Bill Simmons more than likely you either love him or hate him. I am one of those people that appreciates his willingness to be critical and offer more of a fans perspective, rather than hiding his opinions like many reporters are told to do these days.


Whether you like him or not it is very hard to argue the information in his latest piece bashing the man we call "Sheed". In the column Simmons spits it how it is and backs it up with facts that support the point he is trying to get across. That point being that Rasheed Wallace may be one of the worst, if not the worst, Boston Celtic of all time.


Here is a little piece from Simmons article:

 Sheed will finish the 2009-10 regular season next week as my least favorite Celtic ever, edging out Todd Day, Fred Roberts, Sidney Wicks, Curtis Rowe and Vin Baker. At least Vinnie had an excuse: a drinking problem. Sheed has an apathy problem. His doughy, nonchalant shadow looms over every game.

Sheed roped the Celtics into giving him an $18.9 million, three-year deal, made a big stink about breaking MJ's 72-win record and then showed up for training camp wearing a fat suit.


Sheed caused my 62-year-old father to send me the following text recently: "Wallace can't rebound, blocks nobody out, gets outhustled on every rebound and plays matador defense. What an awful Celtic!!!!"


Sheed caused me to respond, "You forgot about all the 3s he misses."

Bill's comments really make your mind wonder if Rasheed really is the worst Celtic of all time. By worst I don't mean by skill level, I'm talking about values, work ethic, and the true meaning of putting on that green jersey. From what we have seen so far it is pretty clear he does not appreciate having the privlige to put on the same jersey that guys like Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Larry Bird suited themselves up in.


Luckily for Sheed he has a coach that doesn't put his foot down very often. You can only imagine that Red is looking down right now shaking his head at the sorry excuse for a Celtic that Doc Rivers his putting out on the floor each and every night.

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Reply North Station Sports
9:35 AM on April 8, 2010 
Sidney Wick's and Curtis Rowe were probably the two guy's who played in green that didn't deserve to wear the uniform. What would Red do? Well, he released Wicks and Rowe (2 supremely talented underachievers w attitude problems) Larry Bird's first day of training camp.

Rowe and Wicks routinely (and publically) contested and fought with (then) coach Tommy Heinsohn. Wick's also tried to beat up an official once (sheed?).

No Tommy-Point's for those guy's. lol. Nice Read.
Reply Red's Army
3:07 PM on April 8, 2010 
I think the Sheed hate is all wild overreaction. I'm not saying the criticism of him is... I'm saying entertaining the notion that he's the "worst celtic of all time" is.

Basically: Let's wait until all is said and done before passing judgment. Making definitive statements and taking rigid stances right now could come back to haunt you in June.
Reply North Station Sports
4:20 PM on April 8, 2010 
Though I have stated my disappointment with 'Sheed and my tendency to speculate over his impacting team chemistry negatively, I would have to agree w John.

Their have been equally as disappointing Celtics' in the past...

Jim Paxson in '89
Max in '85
Atis Gilmore in '87
Pistol Pete in '80
Dominque Wilkens (that one is not really fair I guess)
etc, etc, etc

Though I am no where near satisfied with Rasheed's contributions, I hope he proves me wrong in June. Hell, I hope we are still playing in June.
Reply GreenBanner18
4:33 PM on April 8, 2010 
He has shown stints of "greatness" off and on all year. Lets hope he is a mirror image of what has become the (lightswitch Celtics) and he can turn it on in the playoffs to erase SOME OF the bad memories we have had of him this year.
Reply B-PAUL
6:23 PM on April 8, 2010 
Guys, guys, guys. Hold on one second please. I am not saying that he is the worst player skill wise, as I mentioned in the article. I'm saying that his work ethic, hustle, and mentality may be the worst in Celtics history. I know one thing, it sure is the worst I've ever seen in my 10+ years of watching the team religiously. Whether he comes out to play or not come playoff time, that will not change my opinion on his attitude. A Boston Celtic does not get pulled out of the game and yell in his coaches face. He would not be playing if Red or even Tommy was the coach right now, he's lucky he has a soft coach like Doc.
Reply Red's Army
6:24 PM on April 8, 2010 
I know what you're saying. I'm just saying it's premature... or at least potentially premature
Reply B-PAUL
6:35 PM on April 8, 2010 
From what I've seen from Sheed this year, and in years past, nothing tells me that he will change his work ethic, attitude, or hustle in the near future. I hope I'm proven wrong though.
Reply JR CelticsLife
6:57 PM on April 8, 2010 
I'm with you on this one B-Paul. I wrote a similar column yesterday afternoon on CelticsLife. No one's saying he has the least talent out of any Celtic ever. It's simply that some of us can't stand the apathy. I'm not really into the whole "well it doesn't matter. All that matters is that he plays well in June" stuff. He's getting paid to play all season. If he just wanted to play in the playoffs, he should of waited until March and signed then for the vet minimum like PJ did. He's an embarrassment to the Celtics. If Red was the coach he'd bench him and play Shelden until Rasheed was in game shape and ready to sweat.
Reply North Station Sports
7:36 PM on April 8, 2010 
...if Red were the coach, 'Sheed would be playing much harder OR he would have been released already.

I really do believe Rasheed is going to come around next week. I bet we see a different player out there. Let's hope so...
Reply Herman Bailey
9:41 AM on April 10, 2010 
Born and live in Philly but a life long celtic fan.I saw Sheed play in high school loved his game.When I read he was going to sign with Boston I said great. Man I was wrong,
Reply mitch
6:33 PM on May 16, 2010 
Rasheed Wallace is the difference between the Celtics being out in the second round, and contending for a title. Without him, they don't get past Cleveland. Without him, they have no shot at Orlando. Rasheed Wallace just stole home court from Orlando, with his defense of Howard.

You and Simmons are both blunted.

Sheed will go into the HOF and be remembered as a dominant figure AND a quality human being, two things you can't say about some of the other Celtics.
Reply Herman Bailey
8:21 AM on May 17, 2010 
I hope he will make us forget his bad play duing season and play much better in the playoffs.
Reply mike robinson
12:28 AM on May 27, 2010 
Hey NSS,

Curtis Rowe and Sidney Wicks wanted nothing more than to win a championship in Boston. I mean lets not forget they were used to being champions at UCLA. They weren't trying to go to reinvent the wheel in Boston either. There was a lot of turmoil on that team in those days that nobody likes to discuss. Instead they blame Wicks and Rowe for everything. What about Cowens who quit on the team for four months? Nobody ever talks about that. A lot of black players were treated unfairly in Boston in those days and Rowe and Wicks just refused to put up with it.