Celtics vs. Cavs in 2nd Round or ECF?

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 8, 2010 at 4:07 PM

Mo isn't cocky.. Just confident.. (cough)


I'm struggling.... Maybe I shouldn't think about it, and maybe I should just let it play out. BUT, what is the fun in that? Currently the C's are lined up to face Miami or Milwaukee. The Heat are rolling as of late, while the Bucks are dealing with the Bogut injury. Milwaukee and Miami have... you guessed it, the same exact record. Who will we have more trouble with? Who should we want to play? But honestly, who cares?


What is more important is the second round. Do the C's really want to play the Cavs coming off a more than likely sweep of the Toronto Raptors? Right now our second round options are as follows: Cleveland, Orlando, or (albeit unlikely) Charlotte. I would personally take the Magic coming off a (probably) tough series against the Bobcats, than a fresh legged Cleveland Cavs team.


What is bothering me, though, is the unknown. I hate to say it, but I think you are thinking the same thing: Cavs vs. Lakers Finals. I despise thinking this way because I hate to suggest that this is how the league works. If the Cavs are still in it in the ECF, and the Lakers are still in it in the WCF, will the league make sure they get the matchup they want? Will LeBron get 30 free throws instead of 22?


OR, will the league let it go, because one way or another their Final matchup would be extremely marketable (Celtics vs. Lakers or Cavs vs. Lakers [assuming the Lakers make it which is a stretch])


I don't know who I want the Celtics to play, or when I want the team to play them. It is all up in the air, but what I do hope for (as always) is a completely fair post season where the true winner comes out on top. What would prove that to me? Celtics vs. Nuggets in the NBA Finals. That's boring but would you agree that would put all of the conspiracies to rest?


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