Rasheed Wallace Is A Ball Hog

Posted by B-PAUL on April 8, 2010 at 7:09 PM



Let me start off by saying this: If you don't like Rasheed Wallace, Gino's Jungle is the site for you. Throughout this season I would have to say I have probably written more negative articles about Rasheed Wallace than about anybody else on the team. 


After questioning last night whether or not he is the worst Celtic of all time I am back for more.  This time it is not coming from me though, instead I am just relaying information from the world wide leader in sports. According to ESPN.com's John Hollinger, Rasheed Wallace is one of the top 15 ballhogs in the NBA.



The Sports Guy's new favorite player is theoretically unselfish, except for the part about him being infected by the ghost of Antoine Walker and jacking up every 3 he can possibly get his hands on. Only Baron Davis has taken so many 3s to so little effect, and Davis has played nearly 50 percent more minutes.


What makes Wallace even more maddening is that there are plenty of shots you want him to take and he won't take them -- getting him to post up has proved frustratingly difficult ever since Mike Dunleavy was ripping out his few remaining hairs trying to get him to do it in Portland.

It's a fact. Rasheed Wallace likes to shoot the ball. He likes to score points, and he likes to be the center of attention. Because I am not an ESPN Insider I am unable to give you the exact spot that Rasheed comes in at, but I can only imagine it's in the upper part of the top 15.  After all, his name still isn't Lebron James.  

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