Watching The Celtics Is Becoming a Job

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 9, 2010 at 10:43 PM

For the past few months, I have flicked on the television at 7:15 or so every night the Celtics are on with very little excitement. I no longer look forward to the games, because I know more times than not, I am not going to be impressed. Even if they win, it is a heartless effort, but atleast it is a win (I guess). The only time probably since January that I really wanted to watch the team play was when they faced the Mavs in Dallas.


In that game they were coming off a solid win against the Rockets in Houston, and they looked like they had something to prove. They were playing with some pride and really that is all I ask for. If we lose because we got outshot, or the bounces went the wrong way, then so be it. 90% of the time this year, though, that has not been the case.


Instead, what I (as well as whoever else continues to watch this team) have had to watch is a cocky group of individuals who think they are better than the world. They think they don't have to show up to play the Nets, or the Wizards, or any other subpar team. They think when they step out onto the parquet floor and the 18 banners looming over their head is what will carry them to victory. Well they couldn't be any more wrong.


Those banners were created through heart and dedication (neither of which the Celtics have any of during this regular season). Of course I have only been alive for one of those championships, but I was a witness to the extreme amount of pride the Celtics played with for the ENTIRE 2007-2008 season. No team was taken lightly. When you turned on the tv that year and expected the C's to win by 20-30 points (and for Gino to play) they proved you right damn near every time.


Now this year you dont know what to expect. The Celtics play a game against the Washington Wizards (who have NOBODY) and you think you can cash in atleast a 10-15 point victory. Pretty soon the score is 47-19 Washington, and you are beyond yourself.


As an absolute diehard Celtics fan, I am finding myself straining to push the power button on that remote. I don't want to.... But I have to.. I have to because I need to know exactly what is going on in Celtics land to be able to provide the most accurate information on this site. Well... I am a fan at heart, and not a reporter. I do the site so you (the reader) can just get another fans perspective, while staying up to date if you fall behind.


So unfortunately that means-- I may turn off (or not watch any off) some of the last 3 games of the regular season. If this season has proven anything to us fans, we would be insane to think they are going to put any effort into the final week of the season. No effort vs. teams who have everything to play for and everything to prove... It could get very ugly.


All I'm saying is this year has made writing on the C's more of a job than a hobby. I feel I have to tune in, instead of actually wanting to. That is difficult to say, because I have ALWAYS wanted to watch the Celtics play.. even in 06-07, and even at the end of last year. See... they may have been losing games after KG got hurt last year, but they were doing it with the heart of a champion, and a great amount of Celtic Pride. They never, EVER, gave up, even when they were outmanned. I enjoyed watching that..


As I've said before-- I'm ready for the playoffs.. It is time for the "real" season to start so we can figure out if this team was dogging it for us fans all year, or if this is truly who they are.

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