Wizards Steam Roll the Celtics

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 9, 2010 at 11:56 PM

  Shaun Livingston #2 Of The Washington Wizards Dives


Lets just say when the score hit 47-19 Wizards...... It was over. If you were to set the game against the Grizzlies and last nights game against the Wizards side by side, you may think they were mirror images of one another. The biggest difference would be the ability of the two teams. Washington is bad.. They are just horrible. They have no talent- atleast no talent that should be hanging around with a 49-29 team.. Make that no talent that should be beating a 49-29 team.. Make that no talent that should be whooping a 49-29 team.. Make that no talent that should be absolutely slaughtering a 49-29 team.. Get my drift?


All night the Wizards wanted to hand this game over to the Celtics. They would constantly kick the ball out of bounds, or have a backcourt violation, or travel, but none of this seemed to be enough. Off from these turnovers the Celtics would either miss wide open threes, or Rondo would get fouled and go to the line to only knock down 1 out of 2, which isn't enough when your team is attempting to mount a comeback.


Lets dig real, real deep, because if anything, at GJ we try to be as positive as possible (I know.. it is hard). Anyway, what is somewhat of a good thing is that the Big 3 really didn't play all that much. Ray put in the most minutes with 34, but he can because he is in the best shape of any of them. Pierce put in 31, which is below his average, and KG played 25, which is far below where he would play in the playoffs.


Another thing that made the ending somewhat fun to watch was when Nate Robinson went completely goofy. He almost single handedly brought the team back. What was very out of reach, was suddenly only a 6 point lead by the Wizards with around a minute to play. It was all too little too late, but still, maybe this is Nate's ticket to some playing time?


Overall it was a gutless performance. I'm sure if you didn't watch the game and you are reading this, you are not surprised. HOPEFULLY these last few games are just the calm before the storm, when the Celtics rip into the playoffs with confetti, banners, and huge trophies on their mind... Celtics face the Bucks in Milwaukee tomorrow night at 8:30 if you care to watch.


(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

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