Do The Fans Boo When Gino Plays?

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 10, 2010 at 12:57 AM

As I was reading through some blogs tonight, I came across this quote from Jimmy Toscano on Celtics Blog:

"It doesn't help when the boos happen, but we are a group of veterans and we are a group that is a real team, we aren't fair weather."

-Kevin Garnett on the booing coming from the stands during tonight's game

I don't quite understand the context, but it seems as though he may be subtly saying the fans who are booing are fair weather. Although I do not doubt that there are some fair weather fans out there (as I have called them out on it already this year), last I knew the team wasn't doing anything about it.


The fans are not the ones out on the court getting their rear ends handed to them in a game they should be winning by many, many points. If there is anger in that fans are booing you, do something about it. It is quite simple really. Here are the steps: Figure out when the fans are booing you, that will explain why they are booing you, then fix it. In fact, I can probably answer that... Fans are letting you hear about it for you guys having no heart, no pride, and no grit to get the job done.


No one is booing you for diving on the floor for a loose ball and not being the one to get it. No one is booing you for sprinting up the floor on a potential fast break. No one is booing you for hustling on defense to close out on the person you are defending.


Sorry guys, but you are getting booed for a reason... No one is booing just to boo. In fact, I was impressed that the fans were excited when the lead was cut from something like 26 to 21. They tried to lift you up but then suddenly you went back into your cocoon of thinking you could coast from 21 down to 15 to 10 without trying..


No.. booing maybe doesn't help (although my theory is that it has before). But, the team isn't doing anything to show they deserve to not get booed...


For the sake of a man who has become a fan favorite, I really hope KG is not turning on the fans.. If he is, then its too bad for him because he should check himself to make sure he is giving it all hes got. By my standards he isn't giving it all hes got.


Did anyone read into this a different way?


UPDATE: Longer quote with more added...


As he was headed to the locker room at the half with the fans booing, the Herald said that KG muttered this, “Then don’t come to the (expletive) games,”.

As for the quote I analyzed put into better context....
“No, I mean, we’re at home, man, and we look for our fans to give energy and to give us a spark when times are tough.

“It doesn’t help when the boos happen, but we’re a group of veterans and we are a team - a real team. You know, we’re not fair-weather. So when that occurs we all sort of just get together and say we’ve just got to grind this out. Through any type of adversity, you grip up and come together. I think that’s where your bond comes and is very much needed at that point"


To which I still reply... The fans did try to give you a spark when the team was DOWN BY 21..


Paul Pierce has a better way at stepping back to see it from a different perspective (one where he doesn't take it offensively)


“I don’t think it’s anything different. When they booed us in the past it was because of effort. It wasn’t because we were a bad team. Because I’ve been on bad teams where they cheered us and they sold out and cheered us every night."

“So I think it’s all about the effort. Regardless if you win or lose, the fans want that effort. When you see the other team beating us to all the loose balls and we’re turning the ball over, I think that’s the things they see and they start to boo about. I don’t think it’s about missed shots and stuff like that.


And thats what it is...

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1:41 AM on April 10, 2010 
This is interesting because ESPNBoston.com has the quote a bit different. On their site, he doesn't say anything about "fairweather". he says "it doesn't help when the boos happen, but we are a veteran team.." Here is the link with the full text. I have been to alot of games during good years and very, very bad years. The fans this year have been lame. Not all of them, but alot them. Flat-out lame. I do not agree w/the booing, and I don't boo, but sometimes the team does need to know the fans are unahppy. http://espn.go.com/boston/nba/recap?gameId=300409002
Reply GreenBanner18
1:55 AM on April 10, 2010 
Alright I looked at it and I saw it also on the Herald... I'm going to update this post with what it says on the Herald about something he said going into the half / the complete quote so it can be put in better context
Reply GreenBanner18
2:16 AM on April 10, 2010 
I wouldn't personally boo, but I am glad fans do.. If fans didn't boo this poor of an effort, it would only show that they don't really care, as in "whats it matter if they suck?" I just think booing shows that the fans know the team is better than this..
2:34 AM on April 10, 2010 
I missed the game and wasn't there.....but I can say that Paul pretty much summed it up. The fans see it as a lack of effort. If this were one or two games...I'd understand KG's frustration. But the lack of play and effort seems to now be every game. The fans boo because we're voicing our frustration. Its not the losing to subpar teams that hurt. Its losing to subpar teams at home that hurts. The straw that broke the camels back was the NJ loss in my opinion. I'll be the first to say it....KG, if the fans booing is getting to you...sit the (expletive) down.
3:58 PM on April 10, 2010 
I agree w/JSKCknit and Travis-KG is a vet. He should be way beyond letting this stuff get to home and retaliating at fans. Thanks Travis for the update-Steve Bulpett also had these comments in his article in this morning's Herald.