Final Gino's Jungle Pickem Rankings

Posted by GinosJungle on April 15, 2010 at 10:10 PM

I know we have already made a post about the winner, but we want to post the final standings as well so everyone can see who finished where. From now until the beginning of next season the final ranks will be posted on the top bar so a ton of  people will end up looking at them and laughing if you didn't do so well. Let it settle in and come back strong next year... Just kidding.. But really they will stay up all offseason, and people will check them out and see that AJ is King, and I KNOW you want to be the King.


Seriously though,  I apologize if this post and the previous post weren't about Celtics news or whatever, but we take quite a bit of our time during every week to keep the competition going. We have had dilemma after dilemma on what the rules should be / what the prizes should be and every little thing in between. So in other words- to us (and maybe .. hopefully the participants) it is a big deal. As a runoff from what the Celtics have said all season, "Gino's Jungle Pickem is a constant work in progress". Nothing was perfect this year, and probably nothing will be perfect next year. BUT, these people hung around and dealt with any issues that popped up throughout the way (whether they knew there were technical difficulties or not).


Here are the 2010 GJ Pickem Final Rankings:


1) AJ      73 Points


2) Lee Herman      71 Points


3) NortheastSpartan      70 Points


4) Matt Rury

     Kwillis             Tied at 68 points


6) HTD

     tman622       Tied at 67 Points


8) BPaul      63 Points


9) JoshDhani      62 Points


10) Sanabeans

       KWAPT           Tied at 61 Points


12) GreenBanner18      58 Points


13) MGauger      57 Points


14) NorthStation

      JeffProjectSpurs       Tied at 56 Points


16) Weeden      51 Points


17) Bahku       47 Points


Our main objective is to be a credible Celtic's news and opinion source, but along the way we like to have fun and be entertaining. Sure, some of the things we do may be cheesy, or corny, or childish, but we have gotten positive feed back so I guess cheesy, or corny, or childish works. What 20-year-old thinks up a virtual Easter Egg Hunt? You're right.. Some nut job.


Anyways, if you participated this year, tell a friend to come check it out next year. We had 23 total players who signed up and played for atleast a few weeks, and 16 who finished out the season. With 23 players we were willing to give out $75 worth of prizes... I can't even imagine what we could think up if 50 or more signed up. Pretty soon we will be giving out new Ferrari's!


Thank you to those who participated and we will do our best to ramp it up a notch next year to make it bigger and better! If you have any suggestions or questions email us at Ginosjungle@gmail.com.

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Reply bpaul
12:04 AM on April 16, 2010 
Bpaul finished up right in the middle of the pact. Not too bad I guess.
Reply AJ
2:24 AM on April 16, 2010 
I had a lot of fun playing the pickem challenge. I didn't expect to win or even be near the top, but I guess sometimes it's better to be lucky then good! My only secret to success was picking the Blazers every time :) I will look forward to playing again next year! I hope everyone plays again and invites some friends as well next year.
Reply Bahku
5:22 AM on April 16, 2010 
I guess not everyone is listed (?) ... I was away for a bit but still got my picks in each week, yet I'm not on the list here. Anyone know how I can check what my score was or where I can find the complete list? Thank you in advance!
Reply GreenBanner18
10:46 AM on April 16, 2010 
Bahku- I'm sorry I left you off the list.. You missed the last 2 weeks of getting picks in and your overall score dropped dramatically because of that. It was a personal choice to leave you off the rankings because I felt the score you ended up with did not represent how well you did. I didn't want to bury anyone in dead last so I had to find a place to draw the line as there were others as well who forgot a few weeks to get picks in (but the weeks they got them in they did well). I will deff. put you up on the rankings list now, and I apologize if you think we simply forgot about you.
Reply Bahku
11:00 AM on April 16, 2010 
Thanks for the explanation, GB17, much appreciated. It's a bit puzzling, though, because I sent in all of my picks, the last two weeks included. Not sure what happened to them but it must've been a problem on my end ... guess I should have checked somehow. Oh well ... I'm sure I wasn't winning anyway, so no big deal. Thanks again for the reply.
Reply GreenBanner18
11:10 AM on April 16, 2010 
And thats what we mean when we say everything is still a work in progress. We will work to find a way to fix that problem for next year so people don't have to wonder if their picks ever made it to us.. We got some emails along the way with people who just wanted to make sure their picks went through.. We'll put that on the board of things that need to be solved.. Sorry about the inconvenience-