The never ending saga, Wallace vs. Davis.

Posted by AFallon on April 20, 2010 at 1:21 PM

As mentioned in an earlier post Doc has an awful tendancy to start Rasheed Wallace for KG (10-13 games this season) even though he's proved game after game that he just doesn't care "until the post season". Well guess what Sheed, the post season is here, and we haven't seen you flip the switch. Lets be honest now, we're paying him 5 million+ a year to play good basketball, and in return he's gone 1-1, and hit two free throws in 14 minutes of the first 2010 post season game. Seems to me like he should be putting up more than four points for that kind of money.


On the other hand you have Big Baby who has gone 2-6 in the first post season game with a 4-7 free throw record. He put up 8 points and 7 of his 8 rebounds IN THE FOURTH QUARTER, when this team is known for falling a little short. Now before everyone says well thats only four more points than Rasheed and he can still make that up, it's only been one game, the point here is that Davis is taking shots. He's trying to prove he should start over Rasheed (where as Sheed just assumes he will start no matter what the score sheet says after the game). Baby averaged almost 16 points and just about 6 rebounds in the playoffs last year, why not try his luck this year. He brings more energy and takes charge on defense, which is what the C's need to really focus on this post season. They have great offense when the players can keep up with the opposing team, but they need to keep tempo on both ends of the court.


It doesn't make sense to me to play some one more often who is producing less and less as the year goes on. Tonight it will be interesting to see if Doc really does clean up his team's act and bring out Davis  in the mists of KG's absence. Which brings me to my next point. Is Rasheed not only producing less, but maybe, quite possibly is he turning this teams good reputation into one that reflects nothing but a bunch of cry babies? 


There has been talk all season that the Celtics are "less likeable" now that Sheeds wearing green, but is it true? KG has always been an emotional "leave it all on the court" player, but have we ever seen him tussle over something so small as a player coming over to see whats going on. Granted we don't know what was said before the flying elbow to Quentin Richardson's head, but has KG every really started a fight for no reason? Richardson is a punk, but the NBA has it's fare share of similarly titled players, none of which have gotten this kind of reaction from the teams spirited leader. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that he was pulling Rondo aside telling him to calm down on the court, where is his mental toughness now? It's on the bench, wearing a size extra tall, extra slim suit.  


The C's have always been tough on the officials, but many times this season we've seen Rasheed make baskets virtually untouched, and still throw his hands up in the air and run his mouth to the officials instead of joining his team at the other end of the court. While he is a well known veteran in the NBA who has made an large impact for other teams, was Boston really the place for him? Should he really have been put with a team who had a reputation of questioning calls when he already had this underlying issue? Has this made his weakness more prominent, which in turn has made the whole team follow suit? I guess we won't know until after this season, because like Rasheed said he'll turn it on for the playoffs, maybe he just missed the memo that the playoffs started last Saturday. 


As for tonight, I pray to the "basketball gods" that Doc sees the light at the end of the tunnel and plays Davis. He has not only worked harder for it, but he brings a better energy to the rest of the team than Wallace. As the C's host Miami tonight at 8 only time will tell who is the more dedicated player, Wallace or Davis.

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