Always Keep Your "Ticket Stub"

Posted by Bahku on April 23, 2010 at 5:59 AM





This thread is for the praise and celebration of a young guy who has taken a lot of criticism in the past, but come through many times when we needed a boost, or when the chips were down, Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Yes, I know he has made many immature mistakes at times, (and I'm saying that now so this thread won't be filled with negativity), but that's just part of the growing process, and part of being human, (and why I have trouble not calling him "Big Baby" - forgive me, Glen).


This is a kid who, whenever he comes on the floor, brings with him an interjection of very positive energy, gives 110% effort, works as hard as, (or harder than), anyone else on the floor, gives up his body without a second thought to injury, uses his body very effectively to create space in the paint, has an amazing instinct for knowing where the rebound will be, takes charges on a regular basis, and very effectively blocks out on the weak-side.

Not to mention he does all this while usually being matched up against an opponent who is a good deal taller.


Some of the criticism is deserved at times, and he certainly has fallen victim to a bit of over-confidence from time-to-time, but you've got to give this kid credit when it's due, HE was the "It" factor, (along with Ray Allen), in the Game Two win over the Heat, (and could be a deciding factor in the rest of the series), and he should be praised for stepping it up the way he did, and delivering an incredible performance when we needed it most. This guy is a definite keeper!


Awesome job, Ticket Stub!


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