More Sheed = More Acne

Posted by GreenBanner18 on April 29, 2010 at 10:56 PM

One major source of acne in teenagers and young adults today... Extreme stress.


Danny Ainge has come out to say that we are likely to see more of Rasheed Wallace in the upcoming series against the Cavs. If Round 1 was any introduction to what we are about to see in the 2nd round, then I say its wishful thinking to think they will be productive minutes.


All I can tell you to get ready for is a lot of hacking after he decides not to move his feet on defense. Sure, he may get down in the post, but just how long will it be until he ventures out near the 3 point line again? Lets be realistic. I gave him the benefit of the doubt before the series against the Heat. I said he would change, and he didn't. When he stepped out onto the floor he was the ONLY Celtic who was not hustling.


The one game that really ticked me off was game 2. In that game the Celtics as a team were hustling to every ball and out working the Heat. Then you insert Wallace, and he shows exactly why the green jersey doesn't deserve to be on his back. He was the only guy with the name "Celtics" across his chest who neglected to hustle, probably because "the game was already over". Ray Allen didn't seem to care.. Tony Allen, Glen Davis, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Rondo, Shelden, Finley, Robinson, none of them seemed to care that "the game was already over", so what gives him the right?


Oh, thats right, because he sets his own rules. Remember, he said, "I'm gonna be me". Well maybe he should be himself on his couch back home. I have given up on Rasheed. Until he does a complete 180, which oh by the way is not going to happen, he deserves to be monitored closely and quickly taken out of games in which he is not working hard.


For your own sake, stock up on Noxzema pads and wash the living crap out of your face if we are really about to see an entire series filled with Rasheed Wallace...

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Reply Lee Herman
6:54 AM on May 1, 2010 
I don't get stressed out when Wallace is in the mix. I know what he is (in)capable of and I never expect more than 2 PTS, 4 PF and 1 T.