The most famous elbow in sports history

Posted by B-PAUL on May 5, 2010 at 3:46 PM

LeBron James Elbow



There is this guy. His name is Lebron James and he has an elbow, just like every normal person in this world today; however, there is something special about this elbow. This elbow gets talked about more than any elbow in sports history, and quite possibly in history in general.


If you watch ESPN you're guaranteed to hear one of their foolish announcers mention "Lebron's elbow" at least once every five minutes of their broadcast. If you browse a Cleveland sports blog more than likely you will see at least one post mentioning LeBron's elbow as you scroll down the page. And if you ask a Cleveland fan why the Cavs are struggling, their excuse nine times out of ten will be "Lebron's Elbow". Heck there is even a Twitter page for this chumps elbow.


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(That elbow doesn't look too injured here)


But really, all jokes aside, how serious is the elbow injury? Since the injury we have seen LeBron shoot a free throw left-handed, we have seen him throw down monstrous dunks on fast breaks, we have heard about multiple MRI's on the elbow, and we have seen him perform an ugly block on Tony Allen with his right hand. So what is it LeBron, is it hurt or is it not?


In the first game of the series, fresh off the "injury", LeBron came out and scored 35 points, grabbed seven points, and blocked two shots. To me, that isn't an effort I would expect to see from someone with a seriously "injured" elbow. Following the Cavs win in game one, talks about the elbow slowly started to fade away.


That was until game two when the Cavs came out and performed poorly. All of a sudden, with a Cavs loss in hand, talks of the elbow came to the surface once again. Call it a legitimate excuse, or call it an excuse that will be sitting in their back pocket incase of failure, but it's awful fishy that talks began to fade away after a win in game one.

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