Perfect Fit for Perkins

Posted by GreenBanner18 on May 6, 2010 at 1:13 AM

Shaquille O'Neal (R) Of The Cleveland Cavaliers Leans

This series against the Cavs was designed for Kendrick Perkins. He showed it in game 1 of the season that the addition of Shaq had no effect on him. Glen Davis used to be able to do the same thing on the big guy, but Davis lost a little of his baby fat, and he gives up quite a bit of height to Shaq. Now it is all down to KP43 and he is having no issues.


Very early in Game 2, the Cavs were making a concerted effort to go to Shaq. They just kept dumping it into the guy on what seemed to be every trip down the floor for the first 6 minutes. Very similar to many big men in the league, O'Neal feels obligated to make a move and take a shot when he gets the ball. I love it when he gets the ball, because then its just one on one with Perk.


The Celtics center has clearly gotten in the head of Shaq. The refs are giving Perkins just a little nudge as O'Neal is going up for the shot, which throws him off every single time. It is very subtle, but Shaq does not get his follow through like he wants. Then the next trip up the floor Perk will back off and make the Tonka Truck think he is about to give him a shove, leaving Shaq to doink it off the back of the rim after expecting the contact.


Maybe this is all just a coincidence, or maybe Perkins post games interviews are a disguise and he is really actually a smart guy. Whatever it is, it is working. So far Shaq has had very little time in the spotlight in this series early on. All the talk and glory goes to guys like Rondo, KG, and Ray Allen -- but the big guys need some respect as well for what they secretly do.  Lets hope, and I think he can, for Perk to keep up the good work.


(Pic via REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk)

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