LeBron is BS and Pierce Speaks The Truth on SportsNation

Posted by GreenBanner18 on May 7, 2010 at 1:21 AM

Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce (L) Talks

I didn't get to catch the afternoon SportsNation, but I was flipping through the channels and came across it so I watched. It isn't a show I typically watch because the lady on there kind of bugs me. She has yet to convince me she knows the slightest thing about sports. Anyway, they had a segment about who was telling BS and who wasn't telling BS.


For LeBron they showed his conference after Game 2 where he said he wasn't worried and he knows this is a long series. After the video Colin went on his way to talk about how the Celtics just abused the Cavs in 6 out of the 8 quarter in Cleveland. On the little meter, Colin moved the arrow to show that it was BS and the fans agreed. I don't know if he was lying, or if he was a little nervous after the first 2 games. I think the Cavs team after the season they put together has so much confidence in themselves that they think they can turn it around. The only itty, bitty, tiny thing that is going against them is how they haven't had enough to win a championship..ever..


Pierce was the next up on the meter and his talk was during a practice this week where he said he knew all along that the Celtics had it in them to make a run. He said that everyone in the locker room knew they could beat these teams in the playoffs. Again (and from what I have watched I kind of get the feeling he may be a Boston sports fan), Colin said that top to bottom the Celtics have the better roster if you actually look at it. He moved the arrow to "not a lie" and SportsNation agreed.


In the end LeBron went up on the liars board and Pierce was saved. What does this mean for anything? Nothing really, it just goes to show that fans of the NBA just go with what team looks good on any given day. Just last week on SportsNation (I know I said I don't watch it much and I don't) they had a confidence meter for the Celtics going into this series and the confidence was low for the fans. So their confidence was low, and now 2 games in Pierce is speaking "The Truth" about his belief in his team, and LeBron is lying about not being worried... It is all day by day because now suddenly the Magic are the team to beat because they are 6-0 in the playoffs. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they have matched up perfectly with the 2 teams they have played....


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