The Flagrant Foul That Wasn't

Posted by GreenBanner18 on May 8, 2010 at 1:55 AM

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Fast forward to 0:20.

This is a call that is generated from all the talk about this morons elbow. Perkins realizes he is going up against Lebron, and he tries to do whatever he can to save his strength to get a shot up no matter what. With that being said, Perkins puts a good body into him but DOES GO FOR THE BALL. Watch the video, he ends up with hand extended to the ball after the body contact. Is that not how you are supposed to stop someone from getting to the basket for an "And 1"???


If you have a better explanation then tell me because if he were to wrap him up, isn't that less of going for the ball? It would be delusional to think this wasn't a call that came from a ref jumping to conclusions that Perkins was trying to hurt LeBron... If this same type of crap was called every trip up the floor we would see 15 flagrants a game. It just so happened to be in the open court where the referee gets giddy with making big calls..

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