Will the Celtics ever play good basketball?

Posted by B-PAUL on May 17, 2010 at 11:33 PM


As I flick through channels twenty-four through twenty-seven (CSN, ESPN, ESPN2, NESN) on my TV I am constantly hearing about how bad the Magic played for the first three quarters of game one against the Celtics. They were rusty, their three point shooting was way below average, blah, blah, blah!


In the previous series against the Cavaliers all I heard was how bad LeBron James was playing, how the supporting cast on the Cavaliers wasn't coming through, and how Mike Brown is not a good coach come playoff time. What I failed to hear was how good the Boston Celtics have played so far in the postseason.


Yes there are the occasional times when you hear, “The Celtics are playing at a higher level than they did in the regular season” but for the most part the ESPN sidebar and topics of conversation on national media outlets were/are ruled by the struggles of the Celtics opponents. Very rarely have I heard these “experts” state that the way the Celtics have played contributed to their opponents struggles. Maybe all of these experts are scared to admit they were wrong about this team, or maybe they just don’t see what I do.


They don’t see a great team effort defensively that limited LeBron James; they see LeBron James just having three straight off nights. They don’t see Rajon Rondo having complete control of an effective Celtics offense and the “Big Three” playing as close to vintage Big Three as they will probably ever come; they see Mike Brown struggling to find a successful defensive scheme to stop an “average team”. They don't see Kendrick Perkins and company shutting down Dwight Howard; they see Dwight Howard as being rusty.


They have and will continue to give the Celtics absolutely no credit. That's okay by me, heck last time they went against the Celtics look what happened.



Although it is not right that they continue to give the Celtics no credit, it may not be a bad thing. The Celtics made it this far by being the underdog and they won the championship in 2008 being the underdog against L.A. When this team is not the favorite they are out to prove all the naysayers wrong. All I can do is sit here and say keep on ignoring the Celtics! While you do I will sit here and watch the magical run. As Paul Pierce said, “Here come them Celtics!!”


National media personalities that can ignore this post:


Tim Legler- Picked Celtics in 6 against Orlando. Picked Celtics in 7 against L.A in 2008.

Chris Broussard- Picked Celtics in 7 against Orlando.

Skip Bayless- Believed in this team from day one and continues to.

J.E Skeets and Tas Melas- In response to many people blaming the loss on the Magic's sturggles they gave the Celtics props in yesterday's episode of The Basketball Jones.

And of course... Boston's favorite writer... Bill Simmons (No explanation needed)

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