Tim Donaghy: "The league still owes me money"

Posted by B-PAUL on May 20, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Earlier today former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was on The Dan Patrick Show discussing his involvement betting on NBA games. For the first part of the interview I found it to be pretty much a carbon copy of everything Tim stated during other interviews like 60 Minutes and The Celtics Late Night Show.


That was until towards the end of his appearance when Donaghy went on to talk about how the NBA still owes him money. According to Donaghy the league still owes him $225,000 in retirement benefits and past salaries. We all know that he isn't David Sterns favorite person and Donaghy even goes on to say, "David Stern would spend a million dollars to avoid paying me the $225,000 he owes me."


Here is the transcript of the conversation:


Dan Patrick: Last time you heard from commissioner stern?


Tim Donaghy: Never had heard from Commissioner Stern I had heard from one of the lawyers from the union that stated that David Stern would spend a million dollars to avoid paying the $225,000 he owed me in retirement benefits and past salaries. I tried to contact the league office and they basically blew me off.


Dan: Do they still owe you the money?


Tim: They do, they still owe me the money.

 Maybe this is old news, I'm not sure, but this is the first time I've heard of this. I'll be interested to find out if anything comes out of this. Pretty soon we might be hearing about "The National Basketball Association v. Tim Donaghy". Now that would be good entertainment.


You can listen to the full interview on The Dan Patrick Show here.


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