Celtics Showing "Lakers vs. Celtics" Final is No Fluke

Posted by GinosJungle on May 23, 2010 at 12:19 AM

People like to speak up before they have any idea is to what is going on. To be more specific, Tim Donaghy knows how to speak up before he has any idea as to what is going on. On Facebook he said, "Looks like a BOSTON vs LA final..... Is anyone surprised?????????"


On the Celtics Late Night Show Tim was speaking about how he tried to limit how much he watched the NBA. In fact, when he was asked about the Celtics / Cavs series, he said the Celtics would lose. What I caught to be even more surprising, though, was that he said, "It will definitely go 6." At the time he said that the Celtics had just won Game 4 and a Game 6 was already in the plans and scheduled. So CLEARLY he is not watching.


What I mean by this is: Where is anyone making this assumption that this would be rigged to be set up this way? Whoever says this would just be saying it because it "seems" like the right thing to say. Because this is a storied rivalry... It MUST be rigged, right?


Wrong. The NBA and ESPN promoted the crap out of a Kobe Vs. Lebron Finals matchcup. They continued with the puppets and it became a conclusion at Christmas (when the 2 teams played each other) that that would be the championship series.


Well, the team that was supposed to have their way paved through the Eastern Conference (the Cavs) got demolished by the Celtics in every aspect of the game. The C's did not coast by them due to help with the refs. In the first 3 games Boston had more fouls and in the final 3 games it was for the most part evenly called. The best team won that series.


Now, in the series the Celtics are in with the Magic, there is NO argument. The C's are the better team by far, and they are not getting help from the refs. 2 strong wins in the road, and a blowout win at home can in no way be tampered by the league.


The Celtics are the best team in the East... try to convince me otherwise..


As for the Lakers, now that is a different story. There are arguments for that such as the Jazz beating the the Nuggets (the team that gives LA fits) and then the Lakers sweep the Jazz because the Lakers have a history of playing well against them. BUT we won't get into that side.


Who the heck else is going to play the Lakers??

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