Hey Lakers fans, how about you worry about Phoenix?

Posted by B-PAUL on May 23, 2010 at 11:05 PM

 Laker fan is not pleased on Twitpic

(You still want Boston, buddy?)


It only took a 1-0 lead in their series against Phoenix for Lakers fans to start chanting, "We want Boston." While this was happening Boston fans, like myself, were sitting back focusing on the task at hand, the Orlando Magic. Although we were and are all excited about a Lakers vs. Celtics Finals both teams still have work to do before they meet.


First I'll start of with the Celtics. Yes we have a 3-0 lead. Yes the Magic, more specifically Jason Williams, seem to be mentally frustrated. And Yes, no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA playoffs. But still with all that being said this series is not over. As much as I like to be cocky and say, "get out the broom" - I also have to be realistic and realize that the Celtics could possibly drop Game 4 on Monday. Would I bet against them? No. But is it possible they could lose? Yes.


Now onto these guys in purple, the L.A Lakers. Tonight they went into Phoenix after doing exactly what they needed to do. They won both games on their home court. In reality they had accomplished nothing, but in many peoples mind a Boston vs. L.A Finals matchup was a lock. Well not so fast!


Tonight the Phoenix Suns came out and did exactly what we all knew they could do; they put on an explosive offensive performance and evened the series 2-1. Prior to the playoffs, when writing power rankings for our former site Hardwood Houdini, I always mentioned how the Suns had the potential to beat anyone on any given night if they put in their best offensive performance. That is exactly what they did tonight as they took care of business at home defeating the Lakers 118-109.


With the chants of Beat L.A raining down in Phoenix it is a fact that this series is not over. The Lakers have done what they had to do on their home court and the Suns have done the same so far. So Lakers fans, before you start calling out Boston because you are still pissed off that we whipped your boys in 08,  how about you focus on the task at hand then worry about us.


This will be my first and only post about L.A until it is OFFICIAL that we are playing them in the finals. Until then, good luck my friends. I hope to see you in the Finals. Just remember these numbers: Celtics 9, Lakers 2. If you don't know what these numbers represent look them up.


Hat tip to @Jose3030 for the photo.

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