Top 3 Reasons I Say "Bring on the Lakers"

Posted by GreenBanner18 on May 24, 2010 at 12:04 AM

1. They are a mirror image of the Orlando Magic in the way that they have faced 2 inferior competitors prior to playing the Celtics. We know the Jazz don't play defense, but the Suns... lets just say the Suns wouldn't make any kind of appearance in the NBA commercial "It's all about the defense". We saw what happened when the Magic strolled into the ECF with everyone praising how great they were after playing the Bobcats and the (roll over and play dead) Atlanta Hawks. Orlando thought it would be just that easy. Although the Lakers hopefully understand it won't be just that easy, it doesn't take away from the fact that they have not played a defensive team in the playoffs. It will be a huge shock to them once they have to struggle each and every possession to get off a decent (but not great) shot attempt.


2. The Celtics yet again will not have to worry about the production from the Center position as Perkins will (eh hem) BATTLE against a beat up and soft Andrew Bynum. Bynum is looking like a Grandmother out on the court right now. He can not produce against the very, very, very subpar Centers that the Jazz and Suns can put out on the floor- so just imagine what will happen when a guy who can shut down Dwight Howard goes up against him. This "Lakers size" does not pose as big of a threat to the Celtics as it does Utah and Phoenix.


3. Rondo is going nuts and there is no one... I repeat... NO ONE on the Lakers who can match up with his ability. Derek Fisher? Nope. Jordan Farmar? Haha. Shannon Brown? We saw what happened in the regular season when the tried it. Their best bet is to throw Kobe on him and leave him open to getting in foul trouble while the old man Derek Fisher tries to run around screen after screen to keep up with Ray Allen. One way or another- huge advantage Celtics.


There are other reasons, and maybe some I haven't even thought of. Why do you like the match ups?

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Reply Robby C
1:02 PM on May 24, 2010 
The Lakers actually match up pretty well with the Celtics position by position and I think you are not giving them enough credit. I do agree they have not faced a defensive minded team yet and facing Boston will be a shock, but they have a great coach who is certainly working that into his game plan. Bynum vs Perkins is an even match up. Gasol and Garnett is an even match up (both will get their points). Artest will likely give Pierce a hard time, although PP is the better player. Kobe Bryant is the games best player and has the advantage over Ray Allen. Rondo is the only clear advantage Boston has at any position. Their bench is also as deep as our bench if not deeper. The question is whether Boston can exploit the Rondo advantage more than they can exploit the Kobe advantage and our stifling team defense can force enough turnovers. Celtics vs Lakers will be an exciting series to say the least
Reply GreenBanner18
4:24 PM on May 24, 2010 
The Lakers 1 huge fault is that they have no speed, quickness, or ability at the PG position. They also struggle wih the 3 position because Ron Artest has struggled to be the player LA thought they were bringing in. With that being said, the Celtics will be allowed to freely move the 1 through 3 players on and off Kobe Bryant. Alot will be thrown at Kobe (Ray / Pierce / Tony Allen / Rondo) and that can happen because the Celtics have the luxery. Because of that, it is very difficult to say Kobe has a huge advantage over the player he is matched up with.
Also, Perkins is not looked at to score, and he will probably (at the worst) neutralize his match up with Bynum.
When speaking "matchups" with a team like the Boston Celtics it is very difficult because they play team defense. Just look at this series against the Orlando Magic. You could say Ray is stopping Vince Carter, but in reality its Ray helped by A helped by B helped by C. For the most part the only position the Celtics say, "here this is all you" is the Center position. Because of that, Bynum will not be able to score on Perkins 1 on 1 like he has on other centers on other teams in the Western Conference. Perk has proven to be THE best one on one defending center in the league.

As for the bench play.. With Sheed stepping up and Glen Davis playing the way he is (not to mention Tony Allen's play) I would have to strongly disagree that the Lakers bench is just as good if not better than the Celtics. Their single bench player is Lamar Odom who struggles mightly against anyone who D's up on him. Past Lamar, coming off the bench, the Lakers have zero.

If we were to compare, we would be comparing Odom, Farmar, and Shannon Brown to Glen Davis, Rasheed Wallace, and Tony Allen.

Thanks for the comment and I hope you respond-- Its always fun to have a friendly debate over these things...
Reply Robby C
11:34 AM on May 25, 2010 
I'm not exactly a Lakers authority, but I did consult one to see what he had to say in regards to your rebuttal. Here are his exact words:
"1) You're not giving Fisher enough credit. Fisher was getting criticized before the playoffs as being too old (which is a criticism any Celtics fan can shed a tear at), but then played shut down defense against some of the best point guards in basketball: Westbrook at OKC, Deron Williams of the Jazz, and Steve Nash of the Suns. Also, he's been almost twice as good on the road in the playoffs as he has been at home. He actually matches up well with Rondo.

2) Regarding the bench, LA is greener, but also more athletic than the Celtics. Brown and Farmar are QUICK, and while young - still more mentally developed than Glen Davis. Put Davis together with Rasheed Wallace and you do NOT have a team that gets up and down the court at NBA speeds.

3) While "best in the NBA" is up for debate, most won't argue that Kobe's not the best player left in the playoffs. He's also the most clutch. The Celtics have lost 3 out of their last 4 games against the Lakers. The one game they beat the Lakers was a 1 point victory - and Kobe sat out that game."
Reply GreenBanner18
3:16 PM on May 25, 2010 
Robby, or this guy who commented on the subject
First off I had trouble reading it because there were so many hyperboles and exaggerations of the truth but anyways,

1. Shut down defense... In my dictionary, shut down defense would be AT THE VERY LEAST limiting the production of the opposing player. Russell Westbrook averaged 20.5 ppg in the series with the Lakers. His season average is 16.1. You may say, "well ya but players play more minutes in the playoffs than in a regular season game." Correct, he played 1 more minute per game. That seems like enough said but any typical NBA fan would look at that series and say that was a coming out party for Westbrook to show on the big stage just what kind of player he was and he did that.
Deron Williams.. Season avg. is 18.7 ppg and Series avg. was 22 ppg. He did, however, play far more minutes than normal. Despite the fact that Williams had a shoulder injury that bugged him throughout that series, I will give you that Fisher played "decent" defense but certainly not "shut down" by any stretch of the imagination.
As for Steve Nash, he is a passer more than he is a scorer. He is taking very few shots and hitting 50% while piling up huge assist totals.
Which player is Rondo most like? Westbrook (the player who had the most success against Fisher).
One way or another this is a loaded subject because not necessarily is Fisher always guarding these guys. However, my point is, if he was playing this "shut down" defense you mention, would he not be on them instead of having to waste a guy like Kobe on playing Westbrook? As for Fisher playing well on the road, that really has nothing to do with anything.

2. You know as well as I know that the Lakers are not a run and gun team. The Cavs are a team that wants to get out and run, but look what the Celtics did. They did this even with the bench of Sheed and Baby. Farmar and Shannon being more mentally developed- this doesn't all too much matter in the scheme of things (its simply digging for something they may be better at) but if you would like to suggest that then I would suggest Shannon Brown doesn't foul a guy at mid court (while the Suns are in the bonus) with 1 sec left until half time.. MOVING ON
Shannon and Farmar may be quick... Hell I am quick, Usain Bolt is quick, Jimmy down the road is quick, it doesn't mean any of us have ability. As far as worthiness to team this subject is a joke. Anyone with any sense of the game of basketball would take Sheed / Baby / Tony Allen over Odom / Brown / Farmar...

3. You are absolutely right. The Celtics have lost the last 3 out of 4 against the Lakers... in the regular season. The C's also split the season series with the Cavs and won that series in 6. And, they went (1-3) against the Magic this year while getting beat by them in last years playoffs and are in the current position likely to beat them. It's not about what was, its about what is. What is the case right now is a new team, and clearly (for anyone who watches the NBA alllllllllll season) is NOT the same team that played in the regular season.

Take the purple glasses off and see through clear eyes haha.. The Lakers will compete with the Celtics if: Kobe goes off / Gasol plays better than he is (because there will be someone defending him) / Ron Artest becomes the player people thought he was... If you are relying on Derek Fisher to stop Rajon Rondo you are going to be watching a very quick series.
Reply Nick S
10:31 AM on June 18, 2010 
Just wondering if this is still an active thread. Can we still debate what team's most likely to win the series?