What Killed the Celtics Momentum in Game 4

Posted by GreenBanner18 on May 25, 2010 at 4:03 PM


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Rajon Rondo is the most important piece when it comes to the great ball movement we saw for the several games leading up to last night. What he is best at is drawing attention by driving (or somehow getting into open space on the floor), and then kicking the ball out. This makes other players look 10 times better as they now have more options with the defense running around like chickens with their heads cut off (to be cliche).


The problem with Game 4 is that Rondo was in very early foul trouble. It seemed that before the game could even get underway, he already had picked up his second foul and was sent to the bench. This was when problems became very evident. No longer was the Celtics offensive game about swinging it to find the next player. Instead, it was about getting the ball to an individual to get the job done.


At one point it was Kevin Garnett who was doing a great job. He started out on fire, but that quickly went away late in the 3rd and throughout the remainder of the game. For the majority of the game, however, it was Paul Pierce that was being isolated to go one on one with his defender.


Why was this the case? I think it was because the Celtics had gained the mindset after Rondo left the game early. That was their way of putting up points. Hey, it was working at first. But, as we have said before, and it has become very clear, is that the Celtics are a terrible one on one team. They play at their best when playing as a team.


They could not find a way to break a habit they had put themselves into. Instead of Rondo putting the Magic on their heels, they were confident throughout the rest of the game.


Just to emphasize that this was not the way the Celtics are known for playing, Paul Pierce put up 25 shots-- He has put up 25 or more shots only TWICE in the Big 3 era.


If Rondo stays out of foul trouble next game, I think we can look forward to seeing the great ball movement we saw in the final 3 games of the Cavs series, and the first 3 games of the ECF.

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